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Spring 2012 Penn Valley - page 2

Did anyone apply to Penn Valley's Spring 2012 ADN program? They said you should get a letter back a month after the application deadline explaining points and if you were selected to take the TEAS.... Read More

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    That makes me feel a bit better. I have all 7 points too and I was really hoping to hear something today. I'm so tired of waiting!
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    I just received my packet today for the nights/weekend RN program. There are only 2 days for the TEAS test: November 14th and 15th. The amount of things to get done in such a short time is somewhat overwhelming, but I am still so excited (and nervous)!!! Good luck to all!
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    I also received my packet today. A little over whelmed with things that need to be done, but super excited. Need to touch up for the TEAS. good luck everyone.
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    Quote from emc1984
    No kidding! It looks like they want most of it done by our check-ins in December which seems a little unrealistic to me. Oh well. Guess I better get started!
    I am taking the TEAS in a few days too. I went to www.atitesting.com and set up a user name and password, and I printed out my ATI card. I went to the business office, paid the $40.00 and got a receipt. I have a photo ID. Is there anythin else I need to do before the TEAS? I did not attend the TEAS prep, because I didn't know they offered one until it had already taken place. I called PV nursing and they seemed bewildered that the poor instructions in my packet were not enough to explain the process.
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    I'm kind of curious to how this all works out. I got the idea that if you are accepted to take the TEAS test and do well, then you are in the program. Is this correct? Or is there a chance that some may be put on a waiting list.
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    You didn't miss anything with the test prep for the TEAS, there was no more information there then anywhere else.


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