SLU vs. BJC Accelerated BSN Program

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    I just got accepted to BJC and SLU for their accelerated BSN programs. I am leaning more towards SLU simply from what I've heard from other people. Does anyone have any advice about either program? Does graduating from one or the other give you a step up in terms of finding a job later on?

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    I know this is a little long after your post, but I thought I would chime in just in case you hadn't made a decision yet...

    I graduated in May '10 from BJC's accelerated program and I would recommend going there since it's cheaper than SLU. I got a job not long after graduation, and everyone else I know also got a job in time. I work with some people who went through SLU's program and I don't think they had any more doors opened for them because they went to SLU. I also feel like I got an equal education, and it was significantly less money. Both programs are not cheap, so why spend thousands more?

    Anyway just my two cents. Hope this helps a little if you haven't made up your mind yet!
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    Hi Katie!

    Thats so exciting for you I am in the same boat as you. I decided to go to SLU for their accelerated nursing program and I start this May 2011. Did you make a decision on what path you were going to take? Selfishly, I kind of hope you chose SLU so I could say I knew someone coming in to the program! Good luck either way

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    I was just wondering did you wait until all of your pre-reqs were done before you applied to the accelerated BSN programs or were you still taking some when you applied?
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    @ chessknight

    I was taking pre-reqs as I applied, and I will finish them up this semester before school begins this May. I think if you talk to the nursing departments, they will give you specifics as to when you transcripts need to be in by. I think for SLU, your transcripts need to be in at max a month after you start, so sometime in June for me.
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    I actually did decide to go to SLU's accelerated BSN for May 2011! We should definitely chat through e-mail or something. I don't know anyone else going into the program, but I'm excited!!
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    That is SO GREAT! I have been excited, but I am officially more excited now! Definitely. Let's exchange email and talk some more. I requested friendship with you on here. I'm not sure how this site really works?!

    Talk to you soon!

    And congratulations!!

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    I'm not sure how it works either, but I think I accepted the request. I definitely want to exchange e-mail addresses. Is there a way to send private messages on here?
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    I am also still finishing up pre-requisites. SLU allows you to apply even though you still have classes to complete. I applied in August and still had 5 classes to complete. I have 2 more this semester then I'll start in May!
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    Thanks for the info and congrats on getting accepted! I'll probably be applying to the area accelerated BSN programs after this semester now that I know that all the pre-reqs don't have to be completed first...I think I only have 4 left. Good luck at SLU! Oh and I think you have to make 10 posts before you can send private messages.