SLU vs. BJC Accelerated BSN Program

U.S.A. Missouri


I just got accepted to BJC and SLU for their accelerated BSN programs. I am leaning more towards SLU simply from what I've heard from other people. Does anyone have any advice about either program? Does graduating from one or the other give you a step up in terms of finding a job later on?


I am in the same situation. To choose between SLU vs BJC for the May 2013 accelerated program. Can anyone else shed light on this topic (other than that SLU is about 14K more expensive than BJC). Is the quality of education that much better at SLU?

I have got accepted for accelerated BSN in SLU for MAY 2013. I am so excited and nervous too, I cant wait to meet you all. I guess we are not too far to meet each other, open house is only on next Saturday.

I have decided to go with BJC (after visiting both schools)

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