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Hi, I'm looking for some feedback/information from anyone who is attending or has attended the SLU MSN program (specifically the accelerated program for someone who has a BS in another area). I have... Read More

  1. by   surviveslu
    Quote from Lindsy5
    I'm from Southern California and I'm graduating from UCLA this spring with my B.A. in Communications. Honestly, what I've found about the degree is that in the beginning you are basically at the same level as someone with a BSN, but then you move up way faster. I talked to a few people in the nursing administration at my hospital (I volunteer at UCLA Ronald Reagan) and they said that with this degree you usually get a signing bonus because they don't have to send you back to school, but can just move you up and of the nurses they knew ones with this degree received pay raises in 15 months where as people with BSNs received the same pay raises over 3 years..? So I guess it just depends what you are looking for.

    I actually just got back from visiting the school the last 5 days and the campus is BEAUTIFUL.. but the area around it is very run down. But, the good news is that there is a parking garage right next to the nursing building and all of our classes are in there. I saw the simulation lab and it is amazing! I think bc they are private they have the money to get all the latest technology. They have a dummy that gives birth and that's only their medium technology one.

    As far as living goes, I looked a bunch around the area and provided that I decide to go I'm planning on living in Brentwood. It's a really nice suburb area 15 minutes from the school and I talked to a few other nursing students that live there. It's both cheaper and safer!

    My decision was mainly based on the fact that 1) the program is so short 2) they really cared when I went and visited 3) they know what they are doing: i can't find where i read this, but last year they had the 2nd highest nclex pass rate in the nation and the lady in charge of our program started the first accelerated bachelors in the nation at slu in the 70s, also when i talked with them it seems like the program is really hands on. they said we will do simulations at least once a week and i have friends who go to UCLA right now and they have only EVER done 2 on dummies with no technology...

    Hope that helps some. Please ask me more question... it was draining but I spent the last 5 days there trying to learn everything I could!!
    What was your experience like when you volunteered at UCLA? What did you get to do or see???
  2. by   cacurlytop
    Hi Lindsy5 are you still ever checking this site?? Unfortunately I did not choose this program and now have some regrets..but was wondering how it's going?? I have a friend interested. What is the student body make up, mostly older students or new grads? Is the program hard? Have you started clinicals yet? Thanks for updating me.
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    I will be attending this program in the fall...anyone else?
  4. by   chillychelc
    I will be attending the program in the fall as well and if anyone that attended the program last year have any suggestions or comments, please share.
  5. by   Lindsy5
    Ok, I'm sorry I have not been on here at all! Let that testify to just how hard and intense this program is haha but really. I just finished my first 3 clinical days- 3 12s all in a row! Cacurlytop, sorry I took so long- I love the program! It's really hard and a little hectic and messy since it's the first year, but the professors really care and, for the most part, I feel like I'm getting a good education. It's unbelievable how much clinicals help you to really learn! The class is a really good mix of older and younger people. Around 2/3 are within 5 years of graduating from undergrad and the others have been out for a little bit longer. It's a good mix.

    So for the people that are doing the program next year, feel free to ask questions and I'll answer them the best I can (and as soon as I can).
  6. by   chillychelc
    wow so i guess working while in the program will bad idea huh
  7. by   Lindsy5
    I wouldn't do it but a few people do... They also say how stressful it is and they definitely only work part time. It would be easier to do in the summer rather than the fall or spring when your only down time is weekends. Though in the fall we did have Fridays off! But I'm pretty sure your class will have the tests on Friday mornings.
  8. by   chillychelc
    thanks for the heads up. looks like i have some preparing to do before classes and some decisions to make regarding work
  9. by   tsipareht
    Anybody else get into the AGMSN program or has completed it in the past? I got accepted to it for Fall 2012.
  10. by   chillychelc
    I'm currently in the program, started fall 2011. It is really fast and hard, changes are made if needed and the teachers are open to any suggestions from the students. It was 25 of us that started and two had to decelerate, one didn't do well in Patho and another in Pharm, this semester another student decelerated because he didn't feel he was grasping all that he wanted to with the program being accelerated and was over whelmed with Med Surge. I struggled with Patho last semester and came close to having to decelerate but I pulled through and I believe they are rearranging the topics so that lectures flow better and may provide a comprehensive final because it is one of the harder classes in the Fall. Overall I love it, discovered I'm not a fast learner as I used to be. You will be real close with your classmates because you will be together 24-7 in this one classroom for hours lol, classes are 3-4 hrs long with small breaks as needed. With me not being a fan of long lectures, what I do appreciate and love is that they record the lectures so that you have access to the anywhere and can listen to them as many times as need. So that's pretty much it besides the grading scale, I'm not used to having - and +, it was A,B,C, D in my undergrad. A 77 (C) is passing and pretty much anything under that is failing, if this isn't new to you then you don't have anything to worry about.
  11. by   tsipareht
    Wow. Thanks for all the great details chillychelc. Where do you recommend on living in St. Louis? I am a bit worried about Pharm and Patho as well. I come from a respiratory therapist background, but have never been great with Rx. It is only 21 months long...

    Do you have plans on going NP route or any other advanced certificate programs?
  12. by   chillychelc
    well as far as living goes I really don't know, I live with family. I moved back to St. Louis from DC so its been a while and I never got out I don't know much about places to live or things to do. Yes it is only 21 months and yes I am interested in being a pediatric nurse or nurse anesthetist. Currently I am considering SLU's post certificate but we shall see.
  13. by   tsipareht
    i loved DC. not the hot/humid/storming summers or the cold winters. just everything in between. =D

    do you know of anyone currently in the program coming from a respiratory background?

    what do you mean by decelerate? does this mean going into the traditional BSN route or traditional MSN route?