SLU Accelerated BSN starting in May 2013?

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    Hello Everyone! I have been accepted to Saint Louis University's Accelerated One-Year BSN program and was wondering if anyone else has applied/been accepted to the program. I'd love to connect with others starting this May or who have experience with the school. Thanks!
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    I graduated from the traditional BSN in May of 2011 and had a good experience, and find that employers like a SLU degree. Congrats on your acceptance (Go Billikens!).
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    Hi! I know you posted in my other thread, but I'll just add to yours.
    I am SO anxious! I'm starting the last of my prereqs (microbiology, A&PII, and ethics) in a little over a week and will have about a week between those ending and nursing school beginning . I don't know how much you've read on here, but there's a thread I found to be VERY useful in getting an idea about what we're in for.
    Do you already have a bachelors? What area of nursing are you hoping to get into?
    Happy to "meet" another billiken-to-be!

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    I will be starting the accelerated nursing program in May 2013 at SLU I am so excited. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
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    I'm super excited to start as well and can't wait to meet everyone! I graduated in 2009 with bachelors in Marketing and Management. After working a couple years in non-profit associated with a hospital I realized I wanted to work closer with the patients on a day to day basis. Right now I really thinking I'd like to work with oncology patients or in palliative care, but who knows what I'll be thinking after clinicals. What about everyone else? I'm also taking A&P II and Microbiology during the upcoming semester. I figure it will be a nice warm up act for when I get to SLU. From the thread (which I have read, but thanks Lauren for sharing in case others haven't) it sounds like the summer session is a little theory heavy, but I can't wait. It will be a lot of work, but definitely worth it - it's great to hear employers like a SLU degree.

    I'm also starting to look at housing options. Does anyone from the St. Louis area have suggestions for good neighborhoods to check into? I'm from Iowa and have only been to the city a couple times so I've mainly been going from what I read online. Any personal insights would be great. Thanks.
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    Do you know how big the classes are? I know the community college accepts 48 students at a time..
    I graduated with a BS in psychology in 2011 and decided pretty much my last year that I couldn't do what I wanted with grad school (forensic psychology) AND have the family life... I've always considered nursing to be an option just wasn't my #1 the first go round.
    And after having my first baby this year, I'm really interested in NICU/PICU and "hope" to go further in school to become a PNP.

    GOOD LUCK in A&PII and Micro! I'm really not looking forward to anymore dissections...

    I was going to live in these apts called the Embassy not too far away from SLU but got the green light to move back home to cut some costs seeing as tuition alone is a crazy $52,000! But the apartment was really nice and cheaper than most places in the area, so might be worth looking into.
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    If you're looking for apartments close to school, both the Coronado and Continental Life buildings are full of SLU students and relatively reasonably priced. They are also safe, but can get noisy since they're full of undergrads. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions about neighborhoods -- I would NOT live in the city north of Delmar. If you're planning on sticking around after graduation, the housing market is wonderful right now. I pay less in a mortgage than most of my friends do in rent and my interest rate is great.
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    I hope I can comment on here even I have not applied to the program yet. For me it's between accelerated nursing programs at SIUE or SLU. SLU is more attractive because it starts in May, and I don't have to wait until August like I would at SIUE.

    llerou1--so the tuition for the SLU accelerted nursing program is $52,000? This is something I could not find info about on the website.

    For any of you, I'm wondering, have you ever heard of living situations where accelerated nursing students are living together in an apartment? I feel this would be a great supportive environment where everyone has the same classes, same tests and schedules and shared goals. I am kind of wary about how I will get through it if I live at home, which is my only option since I have no spouse, plus the program is so rigorous I'm not sure how I will hold down a job to pay the bills.

    I know the program is really demanding but I hope you guys get a chance every now and then to check in and report on how you're faring in the program once it starts in May.

    Congrats on you all for being accepted!
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    Cerriwin - Thanks for your input. Right now I am looking at the CWE for housing. It seems pricy, but has some amenities being new to the city that I think are a good fit for me right now. I love your advice about buying. I currently own my own place and like that it is an investment every month rather than money out the door, but beyond being at SLU through next May, I really don't know where I'll end up so I'm hesitant to buy.

    Goegraphy - I haven't heard of any formal programs in place for connecting accelerated students or coordinating living. I know for me, having a roommate is one option that I'm looking into. I actually contacted my admissions counselor and he provided me with the names of some other students who had reached out to him asking similar questions. Right now I'm speaking with one other girl who will be starting the program in May as well and we're looking at possibly living together - or at least in the same neighborhood if we can't find a 2 bedroom apartment we both like. SLU has an orientation for incoming absn students in March where I think in the past students have been able to connect prior to starting classes as well.
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    Hey everyone!

    I recently just made my decision to go to SLU! I was between SLU and Mizzou, which is were I am now. I am excited to meet everyone, just a few months until we start!

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