Sandford Brown RN Program

  1. :spin:Hello everyone. Has anyone attended Sandford Browns's RN program or know of anyone who graduated from the program? Thanks
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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    At the risk of getting my you-know-what chewed out, I will just say that I don't know anyone that has attended this program. What I do know is that there are much better options for nursing school in St. Louis than this program. Please do yourself a huge favor and research all of them before committing to this expensive, for-profit school - especially if you have plans to continue on with a BSN, MSN, etc. More often than not, Sanford Brown credits do not tranfer to other schools when it comes time to continue your education.
  4. by   gglola
    Thanks for the info! I'm also looking at SWIC and St Louis Community College. I heard St. Louis Community college is really good:spin:
  5. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    I see you have 24 yrs experience. Are you an Lpn? Cna? Just curious! Good luck to you wherever you decide to complete your education!
  6. by   mama_d
    I second the motion to stay far far away from SB. I wish you had enough posts that I could PM you...once you get there, feel free to PM me and I can give you the scoop.
  7. by   gglola
    Yes I'm a LPN. 20 yrs of my nursing experience has been in the Army. I just retired a couple of yrs ago and plan on taking advantage of the "New GI Bill" when it kicks in next yr. Thanks to all replys
  8. by   lholland
    I am a graduate from SB's LPN program from 1994. I think that I got a decent education but one major issue is that the are ANA accredited, not NLN. That's why there is the issue of credits transferring, etc. I contemplated (very briefly) about going back to them to get my BSN because they now have an LPN-RN then RN-BSN but if you plan to go beyond your BSN, it isn't a good idea. Their only upside is that you can get in now but they are 2 -4 times what you would pay at a CC. I would strongly advise, from personal experience, not to use them but go with distance learning (EC or ISU) or go through CC. I know the wait is tremendous for the CC, but the cost and structure, I feel are better, if you want to go that route. I don't think you get a bad education from SB, but I do think that it is at the cost of future plans and $$.
  9. by   DoeRN
    I did not attend the CC for school but would check them out. I know from experience with the students doing clinicals on our floor that it is a great choice. I have family members and coworkers that went there and they are great nurses. Also check out the university and the other nursing schools in the area. I don't think you will be happy at SB. I do know one nurse that went there and she is stuck with her associates. She ended up getting a bachelors in something other than nursing. Not cool if I am to quote her about what she says about SB.
  10. by   simonton816
    i have heard mixed reviews about this program. but if you have lots of experience i would say look into on-line excelsier
  11. by   Sillynicunurse
    I know two people who attended their nursing program, three people that attended their radiology program, and 2 people that attended their respiratory therapy program. ALL of them have the same opinion that it was not worth the money they spent and they felt that they would have received a better education from a different program. They also agreed that they class sizes were misrepresented to them. They were promised classes of 20 or less and arrived to find classes of 60. Do your homework before you spend your time and hard earned money on this program.
  12. by   avahnel
    I am in SCC's ADN program, and they do bridge LPNs to RN here. I do not know much about the program, but you can look into it. It is close to home, and they have great teachers. It is also only 80$ a credit hr, so it is a huge savings from SB. I went to an interview with SB, but felt like it was all a sales pitch. I would have had to pay >50,000 for an RN!!! YIKES. SCCs total program will cost me <8,000 and that includes books. Here is the web info for the bridge program. You can always come in and talk to an advisor, and they will help you with getting in.
  13. by   gglola
    Thank You. I'll be sure to check out the link you sent
  14. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from gglola
    Yes I'm a LPN. 20 yrs of my nursing experience has been in the Army. I just retired a couple of yrs ago and plan on taking advantage of the "New GI Bill" when it kicks in next yr. Thanks to all replys
    STLCC has a Bridge program also....I think the contact is/was Pat Finney @ Florrissant, but I'm not sure that's current. We had several LPNs who joined us third semester and are now RNs!

    Best wishes!!