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I have asked about SMSU's program, but no response. Are there any nurses who live in the Ozark area who could recommend an academic RN program or hospital in the area? I love this area of Missouri and want to relocate. I have... Read More

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    Hey there! I'm also a student at Cox College. I have to say that it's a pretty good school. I don't know a whole lot about SBU but when I was checking out nursing schools, I didn't get a run around at Cox. I started summer of "04" and got accepted into the nursing program starting this fall. I called SMSU once and they told me the lowest GPA they let in was a 3.8. Not sure but i've been happy at Cox. Good Luck!!

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    You might consider Missouri Southern State University in Joplin.
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    I'm starting the St. Johns/SBU program on Jan 3rd and their nursing classes are $300/hr. Last I heard, Cox's program was $450/hr, which is why I decided not to attend there. The support classes (ana/phy/micro/eng etc) are at a much lower price. They also accept students 2 times a year, which Cox also does, but SMSU only does 1 time a year (I think...). St. Johns offers ASN then a RN to BSN bridge while Cox and SMSU both offer ASN or BSN programs, Cox also has an accelerated BSN program if you have a previous Bachelors degree that you can get your BSN in 16 months (or 14 months...?) but it's pretty intensive...from what I hear...

    Whatever you decide, ENJOY!
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    I just enrolled in summer classes at St. John's/SBU. I hope to get into the ASN program in spring '07. I went to visit Cox before I chose ST.J. but I just got a better feeling at St.John's. It just seemed a little more organized and friendly. I plan on going through to my BSN, after ASN.
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    Quote from Lisa C a Nurse2b
    I live in Branson, I will be starting an ASN online program in the Fall. St Johns has a waiting list and so does Cox. SMSU is going up on tuition again. I will be taking some of my classes at Ozark Tech. I love the area as well.
    Hey Lisa C. can you check your PM. I sent you some questions. thanks.
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    I live at the Lake Of The Ozarks, work in Home Health and have for 26 years-Love it!!
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    I'm a grad of St. John's/SBU College of nursing and am going on 5 yrs of employment at St. John's Hospital. I got a great start with SBU, lots of clinical time and an overall great program I highly reccommend. Good luck!
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    MSSU, in Joplin Mo has a great program (4yr), or Crowder College in Neosho, Mo has a ASN program. Both have very reasonable tuition.

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