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  1. 0 I am currently taking an RN Refresher course in the St. Louis area after many years away from hospital nursing. I would love to hear the thoughts of St. Louis area nurses regarding the atmosphere and working conditions in the St. Louis Hospitals. I am especially interested in information regardng Missouri Baptist, St. Luke's, Des Peres and St. John's.

    If anyone has completed a RN Refresher program and returned to hospital nursing I would love to hear your experiences.
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    I am currently a student and have done clinicals at Missouri Baptist and DePaul (SSM). From a student perspective, I loved being @ DePaul. The floor I was on at MoBap seemed to be full of a lot of very unhappy folks. Either that, or they hate students, lol.

    I have heard good things about St. Luke's and St. John's, but have no personal knowledge of either location.

    Good luck as you return to the hospital!!
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    Thanks so much for your observations. I appreciate the feedback. What types of units were you on at MOBAP and DePaul? I have learned that each unit and each manager sets the tone for that floor. Best of luck to you as well.
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    Med/Oncology - MoBap; Med/Surg - DePaul. What you mention you have learned is what an instructor suggested to us as possible reasons for the variance between the two. Additionally, there's a group @ MoBap on another floor this semester that isn't anymore thrilled than we were last. But again, these are student observations!!
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    Again, I appreciate the information. I am on a unit at MoBap doing my clinical hours for the course and will say I think the atmosphere is very positive on this particular unit. The staff seem to overall like each other, their management and thier jobs. It's a place where the pace can be wild and crazy at times but the staff seem to help each other and management seems to support it's people. Is it a place I want to work, possibly, but I know the St. Louis area has a lot of nursing opportunities out there. I'd really like to hear other nurses experiences. Your instructor is absolutely right! Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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    mrob.....where are you taking your refresher course? How long have you been away from acute care nursing?
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    The course is offered through MoBap Clinical Nursing Institute. Most of us have our clinicals at MoBap as well (different units). I have been away more than 10 years. The course is really getting me comfortable in my nursing skin again. Nursing is a forever learning career but I know this course is definitely refreshing my knowledge and has allowed my confidence in skills to grow on a daily basis.
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    I graduated from Mo Bapt in 1984. I have been in home care since 1987 and have often thought of taking the refresher course the institue offers, to try to get back into hospital nursing. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Do you think the refresher at the nursing institute will prepare you adequately to work back on a unit?
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    The course requires 160 clinical hours in addition to the class time. It is allowing us to get our feet wet in a hospital setting. In addition to the clinicals I am seeing hospitals give orientations based on individual need (within reason). As with any job, I know it will take some time to be comfortable.

    How do you like home health?
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    May I ask where your taking your refresher course at? And if possible, any links, names, numbers to refresher courses. I am closest to North County. In Alton to be exact. Hopefully there are a few to pick from and Ill be able to do so with driving distance in mind.
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    I took the course at MO BAP last spring. It was great. Call Sandy or Eileen at 314.996.5266. Good luck.
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