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Hello all I'm currently working on my prerequisites at Metropolitan Community College and planning to apply to Penn Valley's RN program next year. I think they only accept 50 an application process but they could not tell me... Read More

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    Havent seen a post on this thread for awhile. Has anyone out there applied for the Jan 2012 Semester RN program and heard anything? I received a postcard about 2 weeks ago stating they were delayed, and when I called no one seemed to know anything. I can certainly understand the delay, and am being patient, but atleast some kind of time frame would be nice to know.

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    did you apply for days or nights??They recvd 500 applications and thats whats taking so long usually they recv about 250 so they were not prepared

    also how many points did you have
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    Nights and Weekends for me, I have all 7 points so I am not really worried. Its just a little frustrating.

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    I got my letter today!!! Time to jump through some hoops. Less than a week to prepare for the TEAS.
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    yup i had all 7 pts past teas and ck in on friday ....CANT WAIT TO GET STARTED
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    I am taking my pre-req's now to attend the Penn Valley nursing program I have to take A&P and Microbiology then I think that will be it. Hopefully I can apply in Sept for the 2013 class ( fingers crossed). Of the people who already had thier CNA License did anyone get this certification at this place called MEDS in INdependence? I looked them up and was intersted in trying that out as well to help with my points, just wondering if anyone has any info about it
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    Meds is where I did my CNA LOVE THEM
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    yes i heard of MEDS, the course is 775$ for 8 weeks, I know someone in the course now set to take the state exam on the 23rd of may! However the course is easy aslong as you study, clinicals are on a sign up basis (100 hours) pretty good so far. I know Penn Valley allows 1 point if your a CNA or if you have healthcare experience. so if you have the experience you can save $775!! But i guess its good to get anyway if you have the extra money.

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