NCLEX Testing in Kansas City

  1. Hello,

    I would like to know is there anyone on here from Kansas City that has taken the NCLEX for PNs several times? I wanted to know if there is a refresher course for LPN's here in Kansas City. I have called several schools asking for help and no seems to be able to help me. I am a nurse, I want to pass my NCLEX Test. Is there anybody out there that can help me, please!!!
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  3. by   Brandi124
    What school did you go too? I live in Kansas City too. I went to Penn Valley. I called the nursing retention coordinator. She has given me a list of things she wants me to do. I am suppose to call her again in about a month so she can test me and find out what where I have a weakness.

    As far as courses... I've looked to it looks like everything I see is for RN. My nursing instructor told me to check out ATI courses but when I've looked those up they are RN courses too.
  4. by   NurseLil-lea
    Hi Brandi124 here were are again. I am glad someone is finally responding from this missouri forum. I went to Penn Vally (Pioneer). I went to the school for help so many times. I even study with some RN nurses and that even didn't help. I took the Kaplan Q's before for $109 it was ok, I didn't pass the test still. So what material are they tell you to study. When I looked up the Statistics for Penn Valley on passing the NCLEX it was not very well. I was given the ATI number too and when I looked it up it was a Tour you could do for $199 for an instructor. But you never meet the instructor they just send you emails on what to do next. Sorry I do not study like that. Maybe we should get together sometime and try to get this test passed. I have another girlfriend from school that did not pass and she would probably like to study too.
  5. by   Brandi124
    What a small world. I went to Pioneer too. I graduated from the nights/weekends program. I instructor and she is the one who told me to talk to the Nursing rentention coordinator. I will totally have to see if I can send you a private message and give you her name and number. I would LOVE to study sometime!!
  6. by   NurseLil-lea
    I was in nights and weekends than too. I didn't know they had a retention coordinator. That would be great!! We need all the help we can get. Thank you Brandi124.
  7. by   Brandi124
    You are welcome!! I just tried sending you an e-mail or message. Hope you get it. I am kind of new to this website. You probably graduated the class right before my class. yeah I didn't even know about the nursing retention coordinator either until I got the guts up to ask what could I do?!

    When I got home from work today. I told my husband that I had been talking to someone kind of in the same boat as me. I told him that after talking to you I feel so much better b/c I know I have someone I can relate to. He is really happy that we bumped into each other!! I am too!! I am anxious to see where we will be 4 months from now?! Hopefully talking about finding nursing jobs etc. Which is another thing that makes me kind of nervous as well. Like are they going to want to know whats taken me so long to get into the nursing field etc. You know or since I have been out for so long are they going to train me since I'm not really a graduate nurse anymore?? Well good luck with nursing reten. coordinator!!! Hope she helps us!!