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Lutheran School of Nursing in St. Louis, MO

  1. 0 I was just wondering if anyone on here has or is attending the Lutheran School of Nursing in St. Louis, MO? Or has anyone looked into it? I'm considering applying there and I thought I'd see if anyone had any first hand knowledge.

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    Hey- I am in the STL area. I am on the IL side and just applied to SWIC NE. I live in Columbia---

    I don't know anything about your school of choice but will tell you I hear great thing about Barnes-Jewish and Meramac, (which, I had never heard of until yesterday).

    Sorry, don't have much more to say. Just wanted to say HI from another St. Louisan. GO CARDS!!!
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    Hey I'm going to SWIC right now! I'm only taking my pre-req's, but chances are we've walked right past each other several times. You should pm me if you want to talk!

    Someone in my Literature class actually told me about the Lutheran School. I was planning on going to SWIC NE program, but for me this one seems faster.

    Go Cards!!
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    OMG! Small world. I am taking two classes right now and only one is at the Belleville campus and that is Chemistry. I am taking AnP in Red Bud. My pre-req's are finished after Chem.

    What classes are you taking right now?
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    I'm taking Psych 150, Math 093 , Lit 113, and Eng 101

    Apparently this nursing school only requires General Psych, Eng 101, and Sociology as pre-req's. Everything else you take there. And they accept students twice a year, fall and spring. I'm really thinking about going there.
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    I don't know anyone that attended Lutheran, but the good thing about the Loo is there are so many programs to choose from. I went to UMSL and loved it. Best of luck to all of you future nurses!

    I'll let my avatar and signature line speak for themselves.
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    Realizing this post is old, I'm curious how things worked out. I am hoping to apply to swic and Lutheran for fall 2012.
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    Moved to MO Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more responses.