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  1. Anyone on here ever work for Kindred in the St. Louis area? I'd like to know about them. They're offering a 5000 sign on bonus. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Esme12
    in a climate where nursing jobs are scarce and competition fierce....that a facility has to offer a sign on bonus to attract staff should speak volumes

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    ltac's are a unique combination of very sick patients in a ltc setting. these people are the sickest of the sick and they have had complicated hospital course. a 4:1 ratio may not seem like very much but in an icu setting like time a nightmare. almost always the icu patients at kindred are the failure to weans so you will have 4 vented patients. most will have multiple lines including pa catheter's/swan , including pressors and iv's.

    these patients are the icu patients that remain critically ill but have run out of "paid days" on insurance/medicare. you have settled for nothing and i will tell you, you will see a ton of stuff.......everyone else's failure to discharge home. open hearts with complicated post op courses, trauma's with halo traction, many unique disease process with complicated recoveries, open wounds, chest tubes, vac dressings, wound irrigation's. you will give tpn, blood, do labs...your iv skill will make you valuable to them. these patients are mostly full codes and every attempt is made to get them home.....but withe a fraction of the nursing staff in an acute care setting.

    hospital administrators need to pull their heads out of their butts and find out what and ltac really is.....other that the place where they dump the financial drain out of their system. i have to humbly admit i was one of them at tone time. i knew the patients were sick but i actually went there as a supervisor to have a "slower pace" i was sorely mistaken. the particular kindred i worked for had a reputation too for being as tough place to work.....they are strictly for profit and they are strict about profit. as the super, i spend a ton of time clinically, in the unit(more than other supers) because i felt bad for the staff.

    you will gain a ton of experience and at least they do have great orientations. i wish you every bit of good fortune and luck in your new journey. if you have any other questions about and me.:heartbeat

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    any ltac can be a challenge to work but you will gain a ton of experience. that they are offereing a sign on bonus when everywhere else have waiting lines sets of alarm bells. the ltac's i know are in the northeast but i know the company. good luck!!
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  4. by   TeleNurse2010
    Thanks for your reply Esme12! I was just curious since I don't know of anyone who works for them.
  5. by   TeleRN44
    Thank you for the valuable information on Kindred...I had been wondering about them as well. I'm all for a vigorous and thorough orientation but have no desire to be worked until I drop or quit in an environment where the philosphy the almighty dollar is more important than the patient or the quality of care being delievered. Been there...doing that now. Sigh.

    I second the notion that a facility offering a sign-on bonus ought to raise questions in an RN's mind about why they're doing it...a lesson I learned too late, but no less valuable.

    My facility offers sign-on bonuses but ONLY to new grads. Why? I'm sure there are several "official" reasons the facility offers but from what I've seen horrible retention of new grads who grow weary of being abused is a HUGE factor.

    No sign-on bonus comes without some kind of "hook" long they require you to stay, requirements you must fufill during that time and of course, how much of that you WILL be responsible for paying them back should you fail to meet your end of the contract. I know that I will never, ever take a sign-on bonus again...
  6. by   Esme12
    To train them the way they want and not get any back talk. New Grads are desperate for jobs right now and when they get one theya re grateful and therefore are more "amendable".
  7. by   AprilSpring
    Thank you Esme for your input. I am also interviewing for a med surg position at Kindred, hopefully I will find out then what the patient to nurse ration is. My eventual interest is the ICU and from what I have read about Kindred, they encourage their "own kind" with career development.
  8. by   Esme12
    Kindred will absolutely train from within and will utilize their own employees whenever possible for they have a huge turn over. good Luck!