Just moved to STL - Need RN job @ good TEACHING hospital

  1. Just moved here from California to be closer to family, and also to find an RN job.

    I'm an RN, with an ADN, graduated over a year ago, with absolutely zero acute care/hospital experience.

    Can anyone recommend a few good teaching hospitals in the St. Louis area where I can be paired up with an awesome preceptor? Fellowships? New grad program? (Although I'm sure I dont qualify since its been over 12 months since my graduation) I've driven by a few hospitals already, but don't know the difference between them since I'm new here.
    • St. John's Mercy
    • St. Luke's
    • Barnes-Jewish
    • Missouri Baptist
    • any other hospitals to try???
    I'll of course look online for more info, and place calls on Monday morining but was hoping some of you could shed some insight. Thanks so much in advance, look forward to hearing from anyone
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  3. by   travkitty
    Well, Barnes-Jewish is probably the purest "teaching hospital" in the area, with Washington University attached to it. I know that Saint Louis University Hospital applies, too, but I think they are more stringent in their hiring than BJH, i.e. needing hospital experience.

    However, any of the SSM hospitals are a little "softer" for someone with little hospital experience to work with, too. You actually came to the right area for work. Just stay away from St. Anthony's. I hear horror stories about that place.
  4. by   solneeshka
    Barnes-Jewish and SLU are the only teaching hospitals in St. Louis. Whether or not you get an awesome preceptor is the luck of the draw, regardless of where you end up working. I don't know about SLU, but Barnes heavily favors BSNs over ADNs. That said, I got hired as an ADN there, it can be done. Barnes has a new grad fellowship, but it's only for BSNs. My co-workers who did it didn't have great things to say about how much value it added to their experience. Good luck to you!
  5. by   skilletRN
    SSM - The Future's Program. Not the best.. definitely some complaints, but I was happy and thankful for the experience!
  6. by   icurnedu
    travkitty what 'stories' have you heard? Have you had any experiences with St. Anthony's? Just curious. I have been their and had great care provided, the nurses were great. I did not realize how big it was!
  7. by   travkitty
    It's nurses talking about how dangerous it was when they worked there, like they felt their licenses were forced to be put on the line every day.
  8. by   icurnedu
    I hope this was not currently, they are great now.
  9. by   travkitty
    Quote from icurnedu
    I hope this was not currently, they are great now.
    I have a couple of classmates who work there now & they say it's unsafe now. They are looking for a job somewhere else.
  10. by   icurnedu
    I'm sorry to hear this, I hope they are bringing this to the appropriate persons attention. I wish them luck in their search.
  11. by   Coralline
    Hi there, do they still hire ADN's with no experience?