IV certification. Who offers course?

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    Ok folks. Who offers an IV certification course in Columbia/Jeff City area? LPN Moving to area and it seems this is what employers are looking for there. So where do I go? Thanks in advance.

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    Contact the BON in Jeff City they can tell you. Good luck
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    i dont know how long you have been a LPN but the courses in MO are in the 500 600 dollar range! I graduated from arkansas last year and needed my iv certs (LPN) for a position in my home state MO.. If it hasnt been long you can get ur school you went to give you a syllabus on ur IV course and clinical hours fax it to one of the IV cert places and it wont cost you a dime. I faxed mine to a st. francis medical center IV cert course in cape girardeau. hope that helps you out some. you can go to MOSBN site and find Iv courses
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    Thanks for replies forks. Well because of circumstances beyond my control, i did not complete my LPN program in philadelphia. So, ive moved to Ashland MO, stying with family. On the bright side i challendged the CMT exam. Im now a CMT at a great LT care facility. I was accepted to and will attend Nichols Career Center LPN program in Jeff City. So, i guess ill get my IV cert after all. Unfortunatly i have to go through LNP program again. In my pursut to necome a nurse i have gone throughh two.semesters of an RN program and an entire LPN program to no avail. This is my last stop. If something happens this time im.done. i still dont know what called me into nursing but if i had to do it all over again, i think i may not have answered to call.

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