anyone out there in st louis?

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    Is there anyone out there in St. Louis, Missouri that can tell me if Mercy St. Louis (formerly St. John's Mercy) has a new graduate nurse internship program? I need to know what the name of the program is and if possible the direct link to the webpage that describes the program. I have yet to find any information regarding nursing internships at Mercy, rather all I am finding are medical residency programs and fellowships. Please help me with this if you have any information. It will be very much appreciated. If you would happen to have a direct name and email contact info that would be wonderful. Thank you so much.
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  3. by   my3suns
    From the limited info that I have heard, I was told that they don't any longer. They only hire nurses with a license, so no new grad programs, but that is just what I heard.
  4. by   odie44
    I have interviewed at mercy for a med/surg position. I was told there was no fellowship/internship going on (for med/surg). As for critical care, I am not sure. I had contacted a recruiter earlier this year and was told you have to actually apply to positions listed online, then if your hired you will be put into the fellowship (you cant just apply to a fellowship). But since there isn't a medsurg one, if youre hired to a medsurg floor they will basically train you themselves.

    i suggest directly emailing managers of floors you would like to work on w/ a resume (if you have had clinical there or at least know something about the floor) and applying online.
  5. by   TstormRN
    I was just hired to Mercy and they only offer fellowships for certain areas (critical care, L&D, maybe Med/surg). You just have to apply for the position you are interested in and if you are offered it than you will complete the fellowship if there is one available in that area. You will not see fellowship appear as a job title. If there isn't a fellowship than you will recieve some other type of traning for that unit. If you are still interested in applying here you can PM me and I will give you the information of the nursing recruiter that I have been working with.