Has anyone attended Northland Career Center LPN?

  1. I just got my acceptance letter to Northland Career Center's LPN program. I am so excited to be starting! Afterwards, I plan to attend Penn Valley's bridge program. Anyways, I do not know anyone who has gone through an LPN program. I was wondering what I may have to get while going through the program, such as stethoscope, watch, etc. If anyone has gone through Northland Career Center's LPN program, and knows what color of uniforms and everything they require, could you please let me know. My fiance is the only one working, so I was hoping to alleviate the cost of everything slowly and spread throughout the summer and the time I am in the program. Any information or advice would be great!
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  3. by   NurseLil-lea
    i went through penn valley's lpn program. on the first day of nursing school/
    orientation, they told us what to get. we also had a roster to follow. when we picked up our nursing books from the library we also had to purchase a bag of goodies. this bag had a stethoscope, a pen light, iv's starter's, syringes, saline bags, blood pressure cuff, the bag had everything already of what we would be needing for practice in it. i think the whole bag cost us like $130. it was wonderful to have. the instructor's tell use what type of colored scrubs we will be wearing, it also told us in our orientation book. this is how penn valley does it, hopefully northland career center's lpn will do something similar. i know you want to save on the cost but if you run out and start getting all kinds of stuff that is different from what your school is wanting you to have, you will be taking it back for a refund. i was excited to about starting my nursing program but i waited for them to tell me what they wanted me to have, exactly. good luck!!

  4. by   hwillits
    I graduated from NCC in 2008. Everything is included in your fees at school. Debbie understands how it is hard to afford things while in school. You will get uniforms, stethoscope, and books there. You should buy a luggage bag with wheels. It will really help your back on taking your books back and forth. It is a great school. I'll try to remember if there was anything else I got prior to starting.
  5. by   hwillits
    Oh. They also include you nclex testing fee in the tuition. That was a big relief for me not having to find the money just to sit for boards. I did have to buy a watch with a second hand and ALL white shoes for clinicals. They should send you a list of suggested items to buy before you start.
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    Thank you so much! They didnt tell me any of that when I went the other night. And I noticed that you stressed the ALL white shoes.... so no white pumas bc it has a light gray puma on the side?
  7. by   hwillits
    I think a few girls did get away with a little gray but I would be careful. Debbie is strict, but she knows what she is doing. You will love her by the end of the year. Did you go for open night or the financial aid workshop? Also, I don't know if you have looked into this. None of your credits transfer....A&P, etc. You will need coloring pencils or markers also. I think you just need the simple things like paper, pencils, pens(red, black and blue for clinicals), highlighters. If you need anything else just let me know. OH yeah. For clinicals you will receive blue polo shirts and white pants- Debbie emphasizes white underwear without writing on them. You can see through the pants. You will have 6 weeks of clinicals in misc places so you have to have business attire.
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    It was just the financial aid workshop that I attended. Although, most people there was in the LPN program I believe. I assumed none of the credits would transfer, but I have taken most pre-reqs to get into Penn Valley's nursing program. I'm hoping to apply to their bridge program as soon as I am able to. Will we do most of our clinicals at LTC facilities? Do any students get job offers before graduating?

    I just have a million questions going through my mind and am ready to start the program and get my life going! Lol. Thank you for all of your help and suggestions.
  9. by   hwillits
    I remember that feeling. I am working on my RN right now. You should have an open night or something like that this summer. There you will have current students and past students that you can ask questions to. I did not attend because of my work schedule. You should get a list of recommended items to have made by the students. You only do 2 weeks in LTC. Should be in November. Debbie does good at trying to put you in a home that is near your home of the 3 they visit. The rest you do is about 5-6 weeks in each of the three hospitals and 5-6 weeks in misc places like dr offices. I had a job lined up before I went to school because I work in LTC. I am not sure if anyone had offers. They will teach you how to write resumes at the end of the year. Plan on everything in your life going on hold. It is intense but it is done every year!!!
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    I think that it is funny that we will do clinicals at the hospitals, but hospitals in this area dont like to hire LPNs. The only thing I will be worrying about during this year is my school and my daughter. I wont be working, but was thinking about volunteering at a hospital for one day a week since the program is only Mon-Thurs.
  11. by   hwillits
    Starting in January you might have school on some Fridays because of make up from snow. You get to see a lot more different things in the hospitals though. You don't just stay on med/surg floors. You go to icu, surg, and things. I worked on Fridays while in school at LTC, but I don't suggest it.
  12. by   ***!!!***!!!***
    Thanks for the suggestions. Anything else you can think of, just let me know.
  13. by   hwillits
    When I went I went to the VA hospital in Leavenworth for 6 weeks, Cushing's hospital for 6 weeks, and Saint Lukes Northland on Barry Road for 6 weeks. There is also the 6 weeks of clinicals where you go to a variety of places - each week is different. It will be a lot of fun.
    I can't sent emails through this system and I don't want to post my regular email on here. Hope this gets to you.
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    Thanks again hwillits! I was just curious as to know where I might be going for clinicals.