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:rolleyes: There does not seem to be a lot of information/input regarding the UMKC Traditional BSN program. I see a few sparse threads here and there. I would really like to see a good strong thread develop for those that are... Read More

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    I know, this post is old however I have a few questions. Whats the tuition for the TO BSN? What was your gpa, if you dont mind me asking? What pre reqs did you take? I currently go to blue river and transferring to UMKC for their a&p I, II since its highly recommended. I'm only concerned that after I transfer in the fall '13 that I won't get accepted when I do apply. My second choice is St. lukes SON. I looked at research and their yearly tuition is 25k. Can you minor with UMKC BSN program? Do you recommend I finish my gen eds first? I'll have my cna license in december and plan on volunteering at St.Luke's.

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