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Hello, I have not seen much mention of this school on this website. Is it a good school? How is the admission process and the education in general? I am moving to STL and want to do the lpn-asn program there and I see on their... Read More

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    I think you will want to specifically check out pg. 6 of this document....depending on where you're moving to, you might contact all 3 campuses to see your best shot at eligibility...unless you're extremely adverse to driving, none of them is a horrendous drive from most areas in St. Louis:

    The community college is extremely affordable and has a good reputation in the community. Other options are: Jefferson Community College, St. Charles Community College, and perhaps Barnes Jewish Nursing Program:
    Barnes-Jewish College of Nursing and Allied Health but I don't know that any of them offer a bridge program -- they're just other local selections depending on where you will be living, plus I believe I have read that Barnes is eliminating their ASN program in favor of strictly the BSN degree.