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Hi All, Just found this site - awesome forum! I'm starting at BJC in Jan '09 with their accelerated program. Is anyone else out there starting in Jan? Are there any grads of the accelerated program, or those going through... Read More

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    Thanks for the response. It sounds like it's doable but will require a lot of motivation (like you said) to get out the door. Congratulations on graduating from the program. Have you been able to find a job? I've read that a lot of new grads are experiencing difficulties finding work.

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    Thanks! I was able to get a job, but networking was the key. I had been a tech and my manager took a management position at another hospital right before I graduated and recruited I got lucky. There are a lot of people having trouble though. The biggest isue is just getting into a dept they want to be in. If you aren't picky then it shouldn't be a big issue. Also, start looking and applying at least a few months before graduation!

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