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Average GPA acceptance for Penn Valley ADN program? - page 3

Hi! Okay so I am planning on applying for the Penn Valley ADN program in August for Spring 2014. They have changed things quite a bit and base the applicants off of the prerequisite GPA and if you've... Read More

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    I was wondering the same thing. I tried calling the school earlier today but nobody answered. I sent an e-mail but I'm still waiting on response. Has anyone bought their books yet?
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    I haven't heard anything either other than that they're still waiting to hear back from a clinical site & to get seats. But that was like a month & a half ago but they also told me we probably won't know till the first day of class.My class schedule shows a clinical time & dates have been posted but no location yet.I've bought 4 books already but NOT from the bookstore. Got them on Amazon for like $60 compared to the bookstore which would've charged me like $300-$400. My friend in the program said to probably not by the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook ISBN 0-323-07150-3 because she never even opened the book all semester.
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    Yes, I bought all of my books from Amazon and Chegg. It came to a total of like $380 or so. So I guess I'm assuming we will find out everything the first day of class. I feel so unprepared because basically we are all clueless of what to expect and we have a little over a week before our first day!
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    So how did you know exactly what books to buy? When I put in my class from the bookstores menu nothing comes up but when input in a different section # there is a list of 7-8 books? Are we needing all of these? Then 1-2 more books fort brother class? Just want to make sure I am buying the right books.
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    For the other* not fort brother and yes, just over a week until we start, I'm excited!
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    @Knh: Have you recently been on the bookstores website? Also make sure your looking at the right section numbers because I don't think the clinical one has any books. Clinical & lecture have two separate numbers.I'm assuming your in the RN program too but when you find them just get the isbn number & shop around. Be sure to verify authors, editions, etc to be safe.
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    Thanks. I think I figured it out
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    Hey guys (and ladies)

    Don't forget if you're part of the evening and weekend program that orientation is tomorrow at 8:00AM - 4:30PM in room 101 of the Health Science institute. The lady on the phone said to bring some money as we'll be ordering/buying scrubs at that time. I would not rush to buy books yet until we have class - I've spoken to folks that have taken the program before and they said to wait as each teacher is different and some of the books on the list may not absolutely be needed or can be substituted for general information found on the internet, apps, etc.

    It is a pain to get ahold of folks at the nursing department - my best luck has been calling between 3:30-4:30 (right before they close.) I'm not sure about the day classes whether your orientation is tomorrow as well or not.

    I look forward to meeting all of you! See ya tomorrow!
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    Hey we day people just had our orientation today. So, if any of you evening / weeking RN people see this before class starts, expect it to probably last at least until 4 PM, because ours did today & a critical care test at the end of the session. It's not worth a grade, it's like taking the TEAS over agian but it's all basically critical reading & knowing where you stand thinking critically. Expect to get a lot of information thrown at you & a lot of paperwork too, it all seems like it's going to be quite overwhelming. They'll tell you everything you need to know tomorrow, & by the way they will give you an assignment, & they & I recommend you start on it this weekend because it's going to be A LOT of work. If I recall, it needs to be done before we start virtual hospital or clinicals but just so you know it's about 40 drugs in which you need to write out on flash cards & their uses, dosages, contraindications, etc.
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    I just graduated from the night/weekend program in December and wanted to tell you all GOOD LUCK! I'm so glad they are continuing this program. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask.
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    Can those of you who are in the program tell me what I will need? Stethoscope (any specific requirements)? Anything I can start collecting in advance? Type of shoes (would like to break them in a little)?

    i am apply for the day ADN program this August, 2015 and expect to get in with 4.8 total points.

    Any input on what to expect would be great.


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