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Hi! Okay so I am planning on applying for the Penn Valley ADN program in August for Spring 2014. They have changed things quite a bit and base the applicants off of the prerequisite GPA and if you've... Read More

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    I applied for the evening program. As far as I know, no one that has received a letter yet saying "yay" or "nay". Any evening program applicants here receive an answer one way or another yet?
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    I applied for the evening program and received my acceptance letter in the mail today!!
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    Congrats to everyone that has gotten in!

    I just received my acceptance letter for the evening/weekend program as well. The woman on the phone said all letters should be in the mail by Friday.

    Good luck to all.
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    I've been accepted to the day program with a 4 out of 5!! However I applied to the evening program. I called asking the to switch it and they said they would call me back tomorrow if they're able to switch it. If not, I might be seeing some of you day nursing students soon!!!
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    I also applied for the evening/weekend program but my acceptance letter said approved for the day program. I hope this can be corrected. I have asked and e-mailed the nursing department and they give you the run around answer. I dont want to have to quit my job though so I hope they can change it.
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    i called them bc i experienced the same issue. (being accepted to the day program when i applied to the evening) and they mailed me a letter telling me that they switched it around, as well as a new acceptance letter for the evening/weekend program. just stay on top of them an they will take care of you!
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    I got accepted into the day program! I am super excited!!
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    Does anyone know what the day schedule is going to be? Do we find out at the orientation on Friday??
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    My boyfriend is in the ADN program right now and says that that is most likely the case!! i hope so bc I need something to tell my job and would like to do so as soon as possible!
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    I was wondering the same thing. It's hard with finanical aid though bc you have to be enrolled before they will award the aid, talk about cutting it close!
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    I was wondering how did you do on the TEAS? I am terrified since I am not a good standardized test taker. Please let me know when you can.
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    @Skim83: I won't lie, it's a pretty tough test in my opinion. But there is a ton of websites out there to help you get prepped for the test, my favorite was testprepreview.com. Each test is different for each person but emphasize on math, science, english, & critical reading. Honestly, the first time I took it I didn't study at all & I got like a 67% & I didn't get accepted into the RN program because my COMPASS test was expired, so make sure that's up to date too if you apply for this school.

    I took the test again during the next application period & only studied for a couple of days & got a 78%, so it makes the hugest difference.
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    Does anyone know when the ADN orientation is?? I haven't heard anything from the school since October. Or are we just suppose to find out everything on the first day of class on the 13th? Thank you!!

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