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hey guys! i was just wondering who all on this website is planning on transferring from stlcc and/or applying to the accelerated bsn program @ umsl. does anyone know if we need letters of reccomendation? i read on some other... Read More

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    yeah I finish my finals yesterday, and finally bought my books today. Whew!! You're right those books are heavy and pricey. I am also looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday. Good luck to everyone still taking finals!

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    Hey everyone, Im trying to get into umsls accelerated program for 2012. I know there is a ranking system they use to determine who gets in and who doesnt. To be frank I dont know just how competitive it is. Right now I've got a 3.83 oa gpa and a 3.0 science gpa. The transfer guide told me I should wait until the later application date so my science gpa will be higher. Any ideas?
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    They give twice as many points for your science GPA than for your other GPA so if you have more science classes to take, finish them before applying. The advisor I talked to (Jill) said she recommends taking atleast 3 of the 4 science classes before applying but ideally having them all done will give you the best shot.
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    The answer to the gpa question you already have a bachelor's or are you entering as an undergraduate. If you already have a degree, the gpa requirement is less stringent. The advisors are pretty good at knowing what you need.
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    Okay, I have to correct my previous post. The point system is for the traditional and the part time program. The accelerated has a higher GPA requirement(3.2 minimum I think) and they won't consider you unless you have atleast that. You should talk with an advisor though, they are really helpful. I was just there last week and talked to Jill.
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    This is a little late to the game regarding this post. But, if you don't already have a Bachelor's degree, you can apply for the HRSA scholarship. Just google HRSA. It's a full-ride, plus monthly stipend, & you just have to work a certain # of years in an "underserved" position. In the STL area, that would be about anywhere except an MD office or dialysis. I had 15 months financed (UMSL accelerated, summer class of 2010) & have a 2 year "obligation."
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