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Any St. Anthony's Medical Center nurses?

  1. 0 I got an odd flyer in the mail today about how your union embezzled $32,000 from you.
    I live in Pennsylvania and am trying to figure out who is sending these out and why. If you want to PM me your experience, I'd appreciate it.
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    I didn't think there were any union hospitals in St. Louis....that would be interesting to know more about....
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    That is odd...I have 2 cousins who are RN's and work at St. Anthony's. They are not a union hospital. Never have been. Hope that helps! By the way...are they trying to unionize the facility you work at? Maybe it's scare tactics! Good luck!
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    I haven't heard anything of unionization at my hospital, but our unit is kinda isolated from the rest of the hospital.(NICU).
    I suspect it is a scare tactic. Maybe there was wind of one trying to get in. Very odd.
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    I worked as a traveler in saint louis years ago when Saint Anthonys nurses were trying to unionize. Maybe it has to do with that? Which union was it that embezzled the money?
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    It was UHCW/CNA.
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    I don't remember any union ever forming at St. Anthony's. I believe it was voted down. I worked there many years ago. The nurses voted for no union.
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    I work at St. Anthony's in a fairly centralized unit and I haven't heard anything about that. There has been grumblings in the past, and half hearted attempts to unionize but nothing that anyone could embezzle from to my knowledge.

    Our unit was told we were using too many isolation gowns the other day, the hospital is pretty cheap, I think they would notice 30,000 dollars missing. :wink2:

    Sounds like baloney to me....