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Does anyone know what is happening to Hinds Community College Nursing Schools? I have heard that 40 plus second semester student did not pass at the Nursing Allied Branch.... Read More

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    If only Hinds accepts me in their nursing school this year, should I attend that school or wait next year and apply somewhere else?

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    *Long Post. Sorry*

    All nursing schools have strengths and weaknesses. Hinds is really no different. Yes, there has been a lot of press in the last year about Hinds and their failure rates, but overall it is a good school that graduates good nurses. This is coming from a Holmes student who will graduate in the next 5-6 weeks.

    At Holmes, we will graduate around 40 at the end of my two years, but about 10 of those students are LPNs who came into the class at 3rd semester. The non-nursing class has lost one person for everyone who will graduate. No, the instructors were not trying to "weed out" students they did not like. Many times students will weed themselves out, for a number of reasons, not all of which have anything to do with academics.

    Never try to run a sprint in a marathon. Nursing school IS a marathon. If and when you get in, don't let history and the statements of others determine your nursing school experience. In nursing, much more so than other endeavours, YOU have great control over how far you go. Study, study, study! Perseverance and time management will get you through.
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    I graduated from Hinds Rankin campus program in May of 07. No, Hinds is not easy, but nursing school is not easy. Heck, being a nurse is not easy. Anything worth having is worth working for. As a Hinds gradaute, I have to say that I feel like the program prepared me for my role as a registered nurse. It was the most stressful two years of my life, but I believe that learning how to deal with that stress prepared me for how to deal with the stress of working as a new graduate on the floor. There are pros and cons to consider with any nursing program, but I dont believe that it is very wise to base the decision on which program to attend on how "easy" others may tell you it is. In the course of two years we lost more than half of the original classmates that we started the program with. That is nursing school. I can also proudly say that our graduating class at Rankin had a 100% NCLEX pass rating. So no, it is not "easy" to graduate from the Hinds nursing program. It takes dedication, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude. My license is proof that yes it can be done! Hinds reputation for graduating well prepared nurses is still the same. If you have a diploma from Hinds, I guarantee that any employer in the state of MS will be happy to have you on their team!
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    Thanks for your encouraging words of wisdom MSADN and CXAS. I will do my best when I get into nursing school.
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    I graduated from Hinds Nursing Allied in December 2006. Out of the original 100 that started out, I think we ended up with approximately 20 something graduating. Some failed, some decided they wanted to do something else with their lives. At the time anyone could go to Hinds as long as they made sufficiently on the NET and had the prerequisites done. Not everyone is capable of being a nurse. So it stands to reason that there would a large portion that would not make it based on their entrance criteria. I think they have changed it to be more interview and grade-point average based now.

    If you can survive Hinds, you have the basic skills to being a nurse accomplished. You just have to gain experience. Some of the new grads I see from other schools (mostly BSN schools) are frightening in their lack of knowledge about medications and basic procedures.

    I survived Hinds in 4 semesters, and I am proud to be a Hinds graduate. But I will never darken those doors again unless forced.
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    Just finished 1rst semester at Hinds and had a wonderful experience!!! Looking forward to 2nd!
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    There are many options on the Jackson area for nursing school. Holmes CC in Ridgeland www.holmescc.edu, Mississippi College in Clinton has a BSN program http://www.mc.edu/academics/nursing/, and to answer your question UMC school of nursing is at the medical center downtown jackson. http://son.umc.edu. Good luck
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    So how is second semester at Hinds? I think that hinds is a great school. I had a friend that attended Nursing Allied but he didn't stay because he had to take care of his family. He was passing his classes, but he had family issues. Keep on doing what you are doing and stay positive. You will make it!
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    UMC School of Nursing Directions:
    I-55 to Lakeland Drive, west on Lakeland Dr.
    Turn left on to the Medical Center campus.
    Turn right on Alumni Dr.
    When Alumni Dr. ends, turn left
    Turn left at stop sign, then turn right
    School of Nursing is on the left

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