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Nurse Entrance Test

  1. 0 Hey everyone!! I have a question for anyone who has taken the easy/hard is it and what do i need to study? I am thinking about going ahead and doing LPN program and then go later and do my RN bridge. Has anyone done this u recommend?

    I know you have to make at least 40% percent on the net to be considered for the program.....and i was told it was alot of basic alg, reading and personal questions....

    anyone else applying for lpn acceptance at JCJC fall 2008?
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    I took the NET for the RN program @ Northwest. If you have the ACT score you need (if your school asks for that) for the RN program I would go ahead and do it. I know at Northwest the LPN program is 3 semesters and the RN program is 4 semesters. Just 1 extra semester for the higher title and closer to a higher degree. The NET that I took for Northwest they only look at the Math & Reading part. The Math was alot of fractions & decimals. Adding & the such of fractions, changing them into decimals & vice versa. There was a few factoring questions. the Reading was alot of paragraphs with questions to answer about them. There is a Science section with some stuff that I had no clue about, some was A&P. Then there were sections about how you handle strees, how you test & study & about your life in general. Those were about 50 each and yes/no questions. I dont know what I made. I got into school, so thats all that mattered to me.

    Sorry so long
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    I will also be taking the NET in about a month. I am worried. I bought the study guide, I hope it helps me. If anyone wants to talk or has any advice just let me know.
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    Net math problem- 3/16=(?)% x 3/4
    Express 37.5% as a common fraction.
    I can't figure out how to do these problems- I know that they are probably very simple but it has been years since I have had math in school. PLEASE help.
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    37.5 as a common fraction would be 37 1/2 as a mixed number or 75/2 as an improper fraction
    3/16=_% of 3/4 is 25%. In order to figure this out the question is asking what percent of 3/4 is 3/16. You would need to divide 3/16 by 3/4. When you are dividing two fractions you can keep the first fraction as it is and inverse the second fraction which means that 3/4 would become 4/3 and multiply the two fractions. This will give you 3/16*4/3=12/48 or 1/4 which is 25%. I know that this post is old, but I am taking the NET tomorrow and I am digging up all of the practice problems that I possibly can. I hope that you passed and made it into your program. :spin:
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    Good luck...
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    Thank you! I hope that I did well.