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Hello all its been a minute for me d/t hectic scheduling but I love Allnurses.com its a wealth of knowledge to be learned here...however our MS threads are slightly outdated....lets keep the fire... Read More

  1. by   exnavygirl-RN
    hi! i live in orange grove!

    Quote from dzdandconfuzed
    2nd year student in mgccc's adn program, perkinston campus. i live in saucier, and currently i'm working in the er, which is great. summer's sure going by too fast, but god knows, i'm ready to graduate and get on with it!!!
  2. by   momwifeRN
    I'm in my last year at Meridian Community College in the ADN program. I have a B.S. from Mississippi State, but decided to pursue nursing. I LOVE IT! :redpinkhe

    I graduate May 2010 and cannot wait! hoping the job market is looking better by then from what i've been reading..
  3. by   JusJami
    You work at memorial?
  4. by   JusJami
    So you're moving soon? Hope I didn't read the wrong one again...I'm tired!
  5. by   JusJami
    Quote from sparky99
    I start MCC ADN program in August. I'm counting the days till then!
    Which campus?
  6. by   exnavygirl-RN
    No. I was working at the VA in Biloxi. I'm moving to AZ next week.

    Quote from DzdAndConfuzed
    So you're moving soon? Hope I didn't read the wrong one again...I'm tired!
  7. by   Natalie2009
    Hi everybody My name is Natalie and I am attending JCJC's ADN Program starting this Fall. This has been my dream for a long time and I can't wait till August! All advise is welcome!!
  8. by   stephiejmsu
    Hi all...

    I am a newly licensed BSN nurse from MI, trying to move to central/eastern MS. I have applied for about 40 jobs between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa (AL), and Columbus, Tupelo, Meridian, Oxford, and Starkville (MS).
    Most of the people that I apply with will not even return my e-mails or calls. I am great with patients, and did fabulously in nursing school. Not being able to find a job is killing me! My fiance lives 7 in MS, about 15 minutes from the AL border. We won't live together until we're married (next fall), so I'm really looking for anything that is within a three-hour radius of him, at this point.
    Does anyone have any tips/pointers? I would be SO appreciative of any help that y'all might be able to give me!

    Thank you!
  9. by   sumrtime
    I just applied today for the BSN program at USM-Hattiesburg. I applied with a 2.9 GPA and 24 ACT, so I'm really hoping my ACT score helps me get in. Has anyone graduated from USM? Heard anything about their program? I am sooo excited about starting nursing school, even though I've heard how time-consuming and difficult it is as opposed to just taking the pre-reqs...I'm sooo Ready!
    Outside of school, I'm a personal care attendant for a man who is quadriplegic. I've done this type of work before when I was 18 (in Louisiana) and absolutely loved it. Every day, working with him...makes me more and more anxious to graduate and be able to care for people on so many other levels. I'm kinda excited about the experience I'm gaining now in this job because I administer his catheter (which he has done 3-4 times per day)...I also use a Hoyer lift to transfer him. I'm really hoping that this experience give me an edge in my future endeavors.
    Anyways, I'm Summer and I live in Hattiesburg! Nice to meet ya'll!!
  10. by   magnolia nurse
    my co- workers sister just got hired at the VA in Jackson last week, try there..
  11. by   MissRN0520
    Hi to all felow nurses!

    I'm Madeleine, just got married last Saturday. yyiippeee!!Have B.S. Chemical Engineering degree, and after years of convincing of my aunt-nurse to take up nursing,received my B.S.N. in 2006. Worked as a Private Duty Nurse for a Princess of Saudi for almost 1 year, shifts were 12 hours a day,7 days a week, but whenever we are in europe, i goes to 24 hours duty. then have our off the next day,I worked with another nurse. work got a little boring with just the V/S, Assessment, Reporting to MD,..travel..etc...Was supposed to go back to Saudi after passing the NCLEX-RN but my hubby, then fiance proposed and asked me to go with him.:1luvu::1luvu:..so i didnt go back and now am married and here experiencing Southern Hospitality.

    its here where i hear the words "i appreciate it" "thank you MA'AM/SIR"...

    Great State to raise a family!!!!
    oh, abt license, gonna endorse it from CA to MS.
  12. by   MissRN0520
    nice to meet all of you!
  13. by   nursetisha05
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. l live in Batesville and I work at a LTC in Grenada on the weekends/ NOC. I've been an LPN for 5 years ( Holmes -Grenada). I am currently enrolled at Excelsior College ADN program and take my first test Monday . I am also enrolled full time at ICC -online; working on prereqs for B.S.N. I stay at home during the week with my 2 preschoolers , . I'm originally from the Greenwood area. Nice to meet all of you. Anyone have any advice on Excelsior ADN Program?

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