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I am going to start the ADN program this fall at MGCCC and I was wondering if anyone could tell me specifically what books are used in the first semester. I am looking for full titles and authors.... Read More

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    Ha! I wish! God willing, I'll graduate in May! But you will love it at Perk....Jamie
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    I will start in July 2010. Wish I would have done it years ago...thanks for taking the time to reply, and any words of advice I'lltake them too!
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    I'm considering applying for Fall 2010... could anyone tell me how I can go about getting information for the program...I tried to e-mail one of the staff members and didn't get any feedback...any help would be great!! THANKS!!
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    Call and speak with (moderator edit of name) in the ADN Dept. She's over the Nursing Program at Perk. She can direct you in the steps you need to take.
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    gentle tos reminder:

    while it is important to be able to network, everyone should be mindful of the following:

    1. it is a small world - when we narrow it down to a state and throw in some personal info, there is actually a pretty good chance someone may recognize you if you are not careful. your privacy is paramount to us.
    2. while is a wonderful place to vent (without excess personally identifiable details) it is not the place to express why ("x" specific person, place or program) is terrible. gripe away, but since we cannot permit allegations to be made about named entities, your care in not naming them is very much appreciated.
    3. please do not give out personal information about others. do not name names where anyone could identify the person in any facility including your nursing programs.
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    Thanks for the tip