LPN payrate in Jackson, MS?

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    Hi I just got accepted into the PN program at Holmes(Ridgeland) and I was wondering if anyone knew what the starting payrate was for LPN's around Jackson, esp at Rankin Medical Center.

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    Well, the pay rate at most metro Jax hospitals for a new RN is only about $16-$16.50/hour....
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    Wow, that is low for RN.
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    Quote from maszymanski
    Wow, that is low for RN.
    No kidding! That's obviously the reason I didn't accept a job in Jackson! Ha!
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    I was just wondering what was some of the requirements that help you to get accepted at holmes. do they go by a points system? Also did you have to take the compass test, if so what is consider to be a high score in the reading and math. Thanks for any info.
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    After recently talking with St. Dominic here in Jackson, the pay rate for an RN is now starting at $18.50. So, I can only guess that the pay for an LPN would be about $10-$11 an hour to start.
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    OMG! I can not believe that RNs only get $18.50/hr!!!! I live in FL and lpns get$21/hr....I came to this site to compare wages, because I plan on relocating, and let me just tell you it will not be to MS....The only reason I'm relocating is because I have wonderlust, Fl is beautiful, I just seem to get bored after a certain number of years.....I urge any young nurses w/o families or other obligations to explore and expand outside of MS
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    I agree, that's kinda low.

    Even though I try to think positive....When you think of the expense of education with the liability and back breaking pace in acute care, starting new RN's at $18.50 seems unfair. When I graduated with my RN in 1996 I started at $18.00/hr in a nursing home in Louisiana. And 10 to $11.00 an hr for an LPN is sad.

    Maybe Jackson has a surplus of nurses!?
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    Yes unfortunately the pay rate at the hospitals in Mississippi sucks. I signed a contract with Hudspeth regional Center, this state facility and Whitfield State Hospital (the mental hospital) start LPNs on the night shift 17.53 an hour!! You can contact me if you need any information from my email in profile page or send me a private message (PM).
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    I'm a LPN in the Jackson area and where I work LPN pay ranges from 15 to 24 dollars and hour based on exp. So I dont know where these nurses are working but if they are RNs they are really getting short changed! With my exp. I started at 17.00 and with my raise now 18.00 since now I've been there for 2 years. The RNs no matter ADN,BSN, or MSN all start out making 19.00, so as I repeat myself look around before finding a job. Some people are LPNs 1st maybe because they can't afford to just go to school for 2 years. So if you go LPN 1st you can work and earn a decent salary and do what the call an advanced LPN to RN program. It will take you 2 years either way. But if RN 1st only job you can do while in school is student nurse, nurse tech which is really a CNA but you decide an let no one change your mind you do what's best for you whether its LPN or RN you decide!
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