Hospital scholarships?

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    Anyone know of any hospitals in the state that offer scholarships in return for a work commitment?


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    Where at in Mississippi are you? I'm in Northwest, MS (Southaven), and I believe that Baptist DeSoto offers a program like that. The drawback, however, would be that they would want you to go to their school in Memphis.
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    I live in central MS and I'm applying to MUW's BSN program.
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    Have you checked at NMMC in Tupelo? Seems like they offer a scholarship...not 100% sure...
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    Quote from ?burntout
    Have you checked at NMMC in Tupelo? Seems like they offer a scholarship...not 100% sure...
    Thanks, I'll check with them - that's where my brother works.

    I haven't contacted any hospitals re: scholarships yet, I'm still (IMPATIENTLY) waiting on an acceptance/rejection letter. LOL
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    You might also want to check out the scholarship offered by (Mississippi Nurses Association)

    You can also look at the scholarships page on my website ( ... there are lots of scholarships listed there that you may be eligible for.
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    Whitfield in Jackson offers a very decent package, if you dont mind working for them.
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    Finally! A place to get some answers! I'm thirty and presently teaching school. I begin nursing school in August at HCC. I am very nervous about paying for everything-not only school, bills, etc..., but medical benefits (i'm not married). I am sooooo excited about pursuing nursing and am not naive that it will be a lot of hard work, but I was hoping someone, somewhere would be willing to help. Whitfield? What is that like? Any input would be much appreciated!

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    Whitfield is a psychiatric treatment facility that is located in Whitfield, Mississippi.

    Here is their website address for more information:
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    Whitfield is about 4-5miles from the Airport in Pearl. I still consider Whitfield Hospital to be in Pearl.

    Good Luck bsmith on school at Hinds.. That is where I started Nursing school before I moved to Arkansas.... Its a tough tough school. I'm glad I was gone

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