Getting your license after passing NCLEX

  1. In MS normally how long does it take for your license # to be posted online after taking NCLEX? I took mine on Thursday 6/10, found out by "quick results" on Saturday that I passed.
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  3. by   aellisrn
    So, in response to my own question for any future readers of this thread. I took my test on Thursday 6/10, got quick results on Saturday morning at 8am. And it Tuesday 6/15 and my license # was posted on the BON website after 8am this morning! Hope this helps someone in the future!
  4. by   ~KelRN~
    Thank you, hoping to be able to use this information the end of this year. =)
  5. by   aellisrn
    Quote from Miaya12
    Thank you, hoping to be able to use this information the end of this year. =)
    good luck miaya!
  6. by   ~KelRN~
    Thank you! You'll know it if I do, I'll post it so fast.. lol
  7. by   spudbunny
    I took NCLEX on August 27th and passed - I still am not listed on the Mississippi nurse verification site. Can any other new grads tell me how long they had to wait before their license was posted - thanks.
  8. by   taRaNeika_88
    I took NCLEX Aug.25th and found out I passed via quick results on Friday Aug.27th. The MS BON website is currently down so I don't think its going to be up until they fix it. The only thing I have to go by is the paper they sent in the mail.

    Good Luck and Congrats!!

    Happy Nursing
  9. by   Nicki1980
    I took my NCLEX on Friday, September 3rd and found out via Quick Results as well that I passed. I am working as a nurse tech at a local nursing home and they already have me on the schedule as LPN...of course pending my results. But even though I know I passed, my license number is still not listed either and I have not received anything in the mail either. I am getting antsy because I am so ready to be able to start doing stuff instead of shadowing, and getting my pay bumped up. Plus they are gonna have to schedule someone else to do my cart/hall until my license number is posted. A girl I worked with got her letter 2 days after taking NCLEX so I am not sure what is going on. I figured it would be posted by now.
  10. by   spudbunny
    Thanks for your replies - I was out of town for a few days but I checked the website everyday and could not figure out why my license number wasn't posting. When I returned home, I found the letter with my license number.
  11. by   brookews
    I'm so glad I searched and found this! I took my NCLEX yesterday (Thursday) and was wondering how long til I got my licensure #... I'm hopeful that I'll receive it on Tuesday.