Waiting to hear from Inver Hills on acceptance - page 2

Lord I HATE this wait. I have the credits and the gpa but only a month of CNA expirience so....I'm doubtful but hopeful. Who else is waiting on Inver? Is it March yet?????... Read More

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    Congrats to you!!! I am with Matt, also waiting to hear from NHCC! This waiting sucks! Oh well only a couple of weeks to go if what Matt heard from NHCC is true!
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    GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just opened my letter from NHCC.

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    Me too!!! I am glad we don't have to wait anymore!!!
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    Congrats. Are you in the evening program? If you are on facebook, I created a group already for the program

    Look for NHCC E/W '11
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    I am in the E/W program... Now we can breathe a sigh of relief! For now anyways!

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