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University of Minnesota/MSU Master's in Nursing

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I'm new here and I am looking for any and all information and opinions concerning the U of M and MSU's new proposed Master's in Nursing programs. These are post-bac programs (obviously)

    I was wondering if anyone has applied to either of these programs? Are the super competitive? I'm only a junior in my B.S program and currently have a 3.2 and I know I will have to get my GPA.

    So, any opinions? I only have the information that the websites provide but would like personal opinions and information as well.

    Thank you!
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    The U of M program is extremely competitive. Unless you have something else on your application to make you a really competitive applicant, I would think it highly unlikely that you'd get in with a 3.2. You can see the admission statistics at:

    I don't know anything about the other program.
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    Yes, I see that it is a highly competitive program which is why I said I know I would have to get my GPA up. If they take cummulative GPAs from all of my schools I will have a 3.8 so I'm betting on that and raising my GPA.
    I'll be applying to both of these programs and some BSN programs, just in case
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    Never mind---I just re-read your post and you're looking for an accelerated RN program and considering U of M's Master in Nursing program.

    Other schools in Minnesota offer accelerated BSN programs but so far I haven't heard of any offering a program like the U of M. Just a head's up---these programs can be very intense, so if you haven't finished your bachelor's degree in another field yet, maybe you should look into transferring to a school that offers a regular BSN program. The pace is still crazy but a bit more manageable than the accelerated programs.

    BTW, I think you'll really enjoy AN!
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    Thank you for the reply and the welcome! It is much appreciated! I can def see that they will be tough. I currently go to a really tough school so I'm somewhat used to it. Also, I won't be working during this time so I think I can make it.

    Anyways, I have been in touch with Metroplitian State U as they have a proposed program identical to the U of M's. I do like the U of M's more so far but will be applying to both as well as accelerated BSN programs.

    Thank you for your help! Are you currently in a BSN program... if so which one?
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    I would make absolutely sure that Metro State's program in accredited before you start. They have been working on getting this program together for a while. They accepted a class, and then pushed back their start date by a year, I think! I'm not sure they have it together over there.

    I applied to the U of M program last year and was put on the wait list. I have an ok GPA from my undergrad, and a 4.0 in my prerequisite work. I have 5 years of a successful career behind me. It is a very competitive program. I am currently in the accelerate BSN program at Minnesota State, Mankato. It is also competitive (16 people), but less so that the U's program. It is 15 months long, and so far I'm loving it.

    Good Luck!
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    Hey Annalin, I was looking into Mankato's program. Did you end up doing all the prerequisites for the U of Mn and the biochem. course required for Mankato? Do you find it difficult commuting from twin cities to Mankato everyday? I'm taking my prerequisites at the U of MN right now and would love to hear any advice you have. Thanks!
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    Quote from esunada
    Hey Annalin, I was looking into Mankato's program. Did you end up doing all the prerequisites for the U of Mn and the biochem. course required for Mankato? Do you find it difficult commuting from twin cities to Mankato everyday? I'm taking my prerequisites at the U of MN right now and would love to hear any advice you have. Thanks!
    Mankato uses some clinical sites in the Twin Cities---I think mostly for OB, peds and mental health---but that would lessen your commute on those particular clinical days. That particular program is VERY intense---I am not sure if there are classes five days a week or if they have other arrangements for the accelerated students. The faculty member who does the most work with the accelerated students is one of the best educators on the MSU-Mankato staff. It MIGHT be tough to commute, especially if you have some sort of class every day.

    I'd suggest you get in touch someone at Mankato who can give you information on the accelerated program and hopefully give you some guidance in making the best decision for your career.

    Oh, and make sure they will transfer in all your prerequisites. I think the biggest downside to any of the MSU Mankato nursing programs is that transferring in credits can be a real hemorrhoid. Definitely speak with someone from the program about your pre-requisites before you get much farther.

    MSU Mankato's accelerated BSN is a very tough program but from what I hear, it's well worth the work and the angst. Good luck to you!
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    Hi Ensunada,

    I did all of the prereqs for both programs, except biochem which I did through Mankato after I found out I got in. I actually moved to Mankato, but there are 5 people in the program who commute from Minneapolis. I will probably end up commuting the last semester. Good luck!
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    I called Metro State today and yes, they are accredited by CCNE for their MSN. BTW, Mankato is nixing their ABSN for fall 2010:

    Important Announcement:

    Due to budgetary constraints, the School of Nursing has decided that students will not be admitted to the Accelerated Nursing Program in Fall 2010. The School of Nursing hopes to admit students in Fall 2011, but that decision will depend upon the state of the budget at that time. We know that this action is disappointing to many of you who are interested in our program. We will continue to admit students to the Basic Nursing Program in both Fall and Spring semesters. So application to that program could certainly be an option if you are interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Julia Hebenstreit, Accelerated Nursing Program Coordinator at

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