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Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to this whole nursing/ thing, and I was wondering if someone could honestly tell me if there is a nursing shortage in Minnesota, specifically the Mpls/St. Paul metro area. I've been... Read More

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    Good for you! dive in head first and work hard!! Best of luck to you.....just curious, where are you going for the acclerated BSN?

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    I wanted to add that when I applied to the nursing program @ IHCC (I got in for Fall '08 !YEAH!), I know a few people who just graduated and asked them a ton of ?'s about the program, and nursing in general. I was told that to make yourself more desirable to hospitals, (in my case I want to go into ER/Trauma/NICU/PedICU) to take the 6 credit EMT course offered.

    Also, it doesn't hurt to be working in a hospital as a CNA while you are completing your RN, you could transition nicely into a position you may find more desirable.
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    Not so sure about that. An EMT course *may* help you if you would like an ER position, but probably not even that as a nurse. An EMT and an RN have two very different roles--even in the ER. Now *paramedics* frequently have an easier time getting into ICUs and ERs after graduating from nursing school because, even though the scopes of practice are different, many of the patients they deal with are similar. Granted, street stabilization is quite different from ICU care, but many experiences transfer from one to the other.

    Frankly, the way to make yourself desirable to hospitals is working hard in school: good grades, solid research papers when the time comes, and some sort of internship/preceptorship prior to graduation.

    Now a CNA position is always helpful. Many NAs are hired by managers that like and value them--even if their school record isn't quite as good as others. A solid work relationship helps a lot. Just be careful. Many nurses find it hard to let go of seeing their new colleagues as something other than aides. If your CNA position can get you a nursing job on another unit, much better.
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    Thank you!
    My specialty is research, I love doing research papers.
    I did a powerpoint presentation on prion diseases for Micro last year, and received an A on it.

    Yeah, I was thinking about where I will be doing clinicals, hoping that HCMC, or Regions is on the list somewhere (level 1 trauma centers) in the Twin Cities. Here's to hoping!!

    Thanks for your input!
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    My advice to you is, go to job fairs. Get your face out there and try to meet nurse managers if you can. Nurse recruiters are the one's look at your application, and they decide who to foward to. You may not always get the best position you want right away, but things change. I have been a nurse for almost 2 years now. I started in Med/Surg, now in the float pool and I'm about to go into the ICU. It can change very easily if you are aggressive.
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    As an aside, do nursing positions requiring "experience" specifically require "experience as a nurse?" In your pre-nurse years, what if you were a phlebotomist, scrub tech., lab assistant or worked in a clinic taking pt. histories, complaint, etc. Would those experiences give you a leg up?
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    HEy yall.....just wondering if anyone in this room goes to startting this summer and im looking to c if i can meet anyone........Thanks....

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