Shout out to st. Joe's (St.Paul) ER Nurses and Staff!

  1. Just wanted to thank all the nurses and docs and staff for their excellent care given to my son during crisis intervention.

    We brought our son to ER at St. Joe's in downtown St. Paul hours before the tornado hit in Hugo. 8 hours later my husband & I left the hospital knowing our son was in excellent care and hands.

    Transportation was a problem due to the influx of patients. Never once did we feel "judged or not important enough to be there", the nurses, social workers, docs even one of the priests were just great. Very comforting.

    Thanks to all of you!:redpinkhe
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    Good to see you around Shari!
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    Good to see you around Shari!
    Hey You,

    It's folks like you that keeping me coming back. Hope all is well!