Should I bring my resume right to the nursing manager?

  1. Everything seems to be online now. Online submission seems to mean that the resume has to bypass either an automated computer system that decides if you're qualified (great, that's just perfect) and/or a job recruiter.

    When I got my LPN it was the proper thing to do to bring your resume right to the nursing manager- even if it was an online deal- in fact that's how I got my LPN job because I brought my resume right to the lady and she said that made an impression on her because she could put a face to the name, even though she still had me fill out an online deal. Earlier this summer right after I graduated, I brought my resume to a clinic that is affiliated with a major health care network here in the cities, I had applied online for the job, tried to call the recruiter to follow up, because I had no idea how to contact the manager directly. Well the manager was so nice, and she interviewed me right then and there and it (at least to my opinion) looked like I could very well get that job.

    Not so. I got a VERY angry call the next day from the recruiter who bawled me out and basically said "no, you are NOT being considered for this job, all resume's go through ME first and you had no right to bother our nurses and demand an interview and we're running a business..." her words. I guess she called the nursing manager too and gave her grief as well. I also had brought a resume in person to the hiring manager of another place, and called a few days later to follow up and got just a really curt and rude "yes, I have it here." And nothing more, she didn't even say good bye or anything when she pretty much hung up on me.

    SO, I'm getting a lot of people yelling at me saying "you don't have a job because you're not following up, and you need to send your resume directly to the manager..." These people aren't nurses, and so I understand they have no clue what is going on right now. But my question is, if I REALLY want to work somewhere, for example (true example actually) I really want to work at Regions, I have had great care there, and I have heard awesome things about it, and worked for Health Partners as an LPN, and know all about it. I really want to work there. If there's a position I really want- is it..."kosher" anymore to go one step further and actually bring a hard copy of the resume to the manager? Or is this going to irk them, or irk the recruiters and just make me look like a pushy jerk? For the record- I did NOT "demand" an interview- LOL! I wasn't expecting anything other than a handshake and an "I'll keep it on file..."
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  3. by   Ruas61
    I think part might be the economy. They can be more picky at this time. I find the new ways rather impersonal. I always like to make a personal appearence because you get a feel for the place.
  4. by   MollyG
    I would probably send by mail your resume to Regions & address it to the unit you want to work on and "Nurse Manager Unit BLANK"--- showing up in person can put a manager on the spot & start you off on the wrong foot-- you could follow up with one phone call maybe a week after they receive your letter--- honestly, if you are getting curt/rude responses from the manger, perhaps they wouldn't be the greatest people to work for....sorry!
  5. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    Oh the rude was from the lady at Children's. No, actually I did get hired on at Regions. The lady I interviewed with sent my resume to another unit, which turned out to be Cardiac/Tele, and I got hired on! I'm working overnights, so that's going to be mind-blowing, but I'm in and that's all that matters to me!
  6. by   muffins20
    Congratulations on the job!!
  7. by   caroline3
    Hello Max Momma,
    congrats on your hospital job. I am graduating in 2 weeks, and I am a LPN like you with over 2 years experience. I work at a nursing home in the TCU parttime. I would like to work at a hospital too. Should I start applying without licence number or just wait until I have my NCLEX done. I do not want to get kicked out of an online system without licence number. I probably can work at the place I work now, but I would love to try at least to work at a hospital. Thank you in advance