Regions Critical Care Program

  1. I was interested in Regions Critical Care Immersion Program, and I was wondering if anyone worked there, if they had any idea how many people usually get hired into this program? Is it usually internal applicants? I am a new grad very interested in critical care and I think this is the only program I have heard of in the area hiring straight into critical care.
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  3. by   wsarah2107
    This reply may be a bit late--but hopefully can help out some future applicants!
    I went through the critical care immersion program--and it is fantastic!! We got amazing orientations and classes. You do not get hired straight into ICU--you will start out on a progressive care floor and after about 6 months or so transition into ICU. The program defintly prepares you well. They usually hire 2-4 people into the immersion program at a time. We were allowed to shadow/precept on each ICU and then pick which one we wanted to go to. I love the unit I work on--my co-workers are amazing and all very helpful. Regions is a great place to work. No complaints!! good luck
  4. by   hopebewild
    did you like working on the progressive units? have you floated to other med surge type floors? I unfortunately missed the opportunity to get into the immersion program. after my internship in a cvicu during nursing school i know that that is where i want to end up so to speak but i would be more than happy working on a cardiac step down or med surge unit for a couple of years first. ive been a cna on med surge floors for 7 years so i know i would like it.

    however, i am having a hard time finding a job, (i graduated from nursing school in IL) so i have decided that if i dont have a job within the next month i am going to try to decide which hospital in the area i want to work at the most and volunteer there. so honest feedback would be appreciated thanks!

    sorry if this is considered thread hijacking
  5. by   SarahRN85
    wsarah2107, were you a former employee of Regions before you did the critical care immersion program? Would you mind sharing what you think helped you get your foot in the door for this position?
    I have seen this program on the website and am thinking of applying for the fall. I have completed many clinical hours in the ICU and would LOVE to work at Regions!
  6. by   wsarah2107
    I was hired into the immersion program as a new grad, and I did not work at Regions prior (as a PCA or anything). Although its tempting to want to start out right in ICU, I found the program's format to be very good. I started on a telemetry cardiac progressive care unit. Like I said, the classes and orientation as a whole is outstanding. When our census is low, we do have to float to other ICUs or the progressive/general care floors, so I have been to several.
    It seems like most of the immersion program RNs were new grads--so not limited to internal applicants.
    I'm sorry I can't give much advice on how to increase your odds of getting hired--I'm not sure what exactly they look for--I did not have a nursing internship before, was not a PCA. I had a supervisory position at the job I had throughout college. My cummulative GPA was 3.92, I was in several honor societies, had letters of recommendation from 2 of my professors & I did take a critical care class as an elective my senior year.
    Hope that helps, good luck!!
  7. by   WildernessMed
    has any one applied to the one for July 2014? Are they still only taking 2-4 new grads?
  8. by   sephilli88
    Hi WildernessMed, I applied to the program and am waiting to hear back. Have you heard anything?
  9. by   WildernessMed
    No I havent!! I applied over a month ago, and am starting to assume I didnt make it. My app status has not changed though.... what about you? when did you submit?
  10. by   sephilli88
    I applied over a month ago as well. My status hasn't changed either. I'm assuming they haven't started interviewing yet. I have applied for other positions in the hospital, and the status does change if the jobs are filled. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This is probably my only shot to get into a hospital. I applied at Allina through the new grad application as well. I contacted them, and they said they are hiring very few new graduates this year. Let me know if you hear anything.
  11. by   WildernessMed
    Ok I will. Have you done any clinicals there / do you know if they take preference to those that do?
  12. by   Minnesota Betty
    Thanks to all three of you for this information. I am entering my junior year and am very interested in this program. Do you know when it opens? Sephilli88 and WildernessMed, did either of you work in this program? Thanks for any additional information.