Rasmussen LPN Program Questions!

  1. Hi!
    I am starting the LPN program in October at Rasmussen College in MN.
    Can anyone give me information on which books I should purchase in advance, advice, tips etc so I have a chance to get a leg up on myself during lectures/studying?
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    I'm currently in the lpn program at the Rasmussen Ocala campus. I'm moving into quarter 3 of 4 (graduate this Dec..YAYY!!). I'm not sure if all the campuses require the same things, but we had to supply our own equipment (steptoscope, pen light, cuff, ect...). Get used to writing in APA format for EVERYTHING, as many of us had no experience with this. Your first quarter is Fundamentals where you will learn the basic nursing tasks, such as: bathing, transferring, dressing etc.

    In quarter two you'll gain on the skills you learned in quarter one. Quarter two made me start to actually "feel like a nurse". We learned safe medication administration, injections, IV management (not certification), more assessment details etc..This is the quarter you'll be taking pharmacology (good luck).

    I'll be starting quarter three next week so I'll be sure to let you know how it goes as my instructor assured the class it was much easier then quarter two, I totally hope so. There are many resources available to you so seek them out. Overall, my experience has been pretty "ok", it sure has it flaws but the positive always the negatives. I have a great instructor so I guess that makes things a lot easier. Just be prepared to study, A LOT!!