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  1. Hello! I'm interested in going through a HUC program and CNA program at Hennepin Technical College in the hopes of obtaining a Nursing Station Technician position in the Fairview system. I have worked as a volunteer at Woodwinds hospital but otherwise have no experience in the health care field. What kinds of other experiences could help me get such a position and how much would something like that pay? My ultimate goal is to finish school and become an RN, however I am taking the slow boat on that route and need to pay my way through school and support my family in the meantime. Any insights would be appreciated.
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  3. by   <3nursing0329
    I know you wrote this a long time ago, but just in case you were still thinking about being an NST at Fairview I thought I'd comment. I work at Fairview as an NST and I just started at 15.10 an hour, but 16 something on weekends. The only thing that stinks is that we have to pay for parking, but it really isn't very expensive. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. by   stigrl
    Hi, I just applied for a couple of these positions online! Wondering if you have any insight into getting hired with Fairview. I only have 5 months of PT experience as a CNA, but 6 years office experience if that counts for anything. Should I play up that I'm trying to get in a nursing program?
  5. by   RN2BKS
    Did you hear back yet from Fairview?
  6. by   stigrl
    No.. 2 positions are still open and active, but I haven't heard anything. On the webiste, for one position it said "Not selected in accordance with union contract." Wonder what that means?!
  7. by   RN2BKS
    Really!? I'm sorry! I applied to a couple of positions like 2 days ago and they already said Not selected blah blah..I wonder if it is super hard to get into Fairview? I'm moving to Minnesota in May and I'm applying like crazy! I have 4 years of experience so I hope I hear from someone soon! How about you? Are you applying everywhere?
  8. by   stigrl
    Yes I'm applying to pretty much any hospital I can think of for anything with evening or night shifts. I do have another job currently so I'm not in an URGENT need, but I would like to get something to get started on hospital experience and also be a better fit for my class schedule. It's just frustrating getting absolutlely NO response.

    Can I ask what area you're moving to and if you're going into nursing school? I live in St. Paul and am doing prereqs at Inver Hills CC.
  9. by   RN2BKS
    I'm moving to St. Paul and I'm doing my prereqs as well! I am in desperate need of a Day/Evening position. I work at Children's Hospital Colorado right now and I really want a pediatrics position. Hopefully I will get in somewhere? I applied to Saint Catherine's and they accepted me into the Bachelor Day program but not the actual nursing program, so I don't know if it is hard to get into the program after I do the prereqs they want. I also applied to the U of MN but won't hear from them until the middle of April.
  10. by   stigrl
    Cool! Let me know if you find a job. I'm sure you will with that experience.

    I believe St Kate's nursing program is somewhat easy to get into as long as you take their prereqs. I know someone doing that right now and she was accepted in the fall program no problem. I'm not applying anywhere until next year.... but I'm already nervous!!
  11. by   RN2BKS
    I will definitely let you know! I pray I will get in somewhere! lol, I've been nervous since 2009 lol! It's been a long road and I cannot wait until I'm in nursing school seems like it is taking FOREVER! Good luck with everything!
  12. by   pepehugoboss
    Sorry for resurrecting this, but I'm in the same position as stigrl and RN2BKS. Have you guys gotten a job at Fairview yet? I've been applying for almost a year...
  13. by   dinah77
    I can't speak to NST jobs, but RN jobs can be very hard to get @ Fairview- I applied for FOUR YEARS, with numerous friends who work there pulling for me, and just randomly in July I got a position @ a fairview hospital none of my friends work at....who knows.
  14. by   RN2BKS
    Quote from pepehugoboss
    Sorry for resurrecting this, but I'm in the same position as stigrl and RN2BKS. Have you guys gotten a job at Fairview yet? I've been applying for almost a year...
    Hi pepehugoboss, I didn't end up getting a job at fairview but it is totally fine because I'm at a hospital I love and have been there for almost three years now (June). Good luck to you and hope that you get in soon!