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Minnesota State regulators say they protect the public with a closer watch on caregivers accused of misconduct. Those who lost loved ones want them to do more. Elda Bothun lay unconscious on her bed inside a Bloomington... Read More

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    Quote from LadyFree28
    I'm sure we forgiveness for a financial issues; plenty of chances for failure to rescue...
    I'm more baffled if failure to pay taxes is severe, that there can't be financial counseling, like there are corrective action plans for failure to rescue...I'm really curious about that.
    Yes, I've wondered about these things myself. How a nurse can lose their license over something like DUI but not for pilfering narcotics from the med room. They can get drug abuse counseling and keep their license but at least where I live and work anyway, if you get a DUI it's over - you lose your nursing license. The counseling approach could be applied to so many situations including DUI, financal etc Keep in mind that I'm not advocating that for most cases. I'm just curious about why some instances are that way and some aren't. Doesn't seem consistent to me.

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