Nurse's opinion of recent RN grads?

  1. Hello there,

    I'm curious what current nurses (or individuals hiring new nurses) think of the recent nursing graduates in the area of Minnesota. Is there a preference for students from certain universities? Are RN nurses with bachelor degrees favored over entry level in masters nursing?

    The reason I ask: I am interested in these two accelerated programs. One is from the University of North Dakota accelerated Bachelors (BAC-2) program and the other is from the Metropolitan State University Entry Level MSN program. Wondering what the opinion is of these two schools and these two programs in the region.

    Thank you and I look forward to your thoughts!!!
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  3. by   mwebb
    Hello, I am on faculty at Metropolitan State University. I teach Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in our entry level MSN (EL-MSN) program. I advocated strongly for an EL-MSN program because I felt that people who come from different walks of life and who have had different experiences would make excellent nurses. The level of academic rigor these students have brought to the program has been phenomenal. Additionally, the graduates of Metropolitan State University's EL-MSN program are stronger and better prepared for the challenges that occur in day-to-day nursing. I also feel that they are better prepared to assume leadership roles in their career paths.
    Marjorie G. Webb, DNP, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
  4. by   skny
    are they hiring new grad nurses there? cause i will move if i get hired!!
  5. by   casi
    Right now bachelors degrees are really prefered. As an associated degree nurse it took me 6months to find a job. Nursing jobs are really tight right now.
  6. by   jjd_1166

    Once again, I can't address all that you are asking. However, the trend is toward higher degree levels in nursing. Mayo clinic has now made it a requirement that new hires after September 1st earn their BSN (if they do not have it already) within 6 years of the date of hire there. So, they are starting to phase out associates degree RNs as far as new hires go.

    skny: I would not make the move. It is amazing the luxury that Minnesota has now to be very selective and most of the job openings I see require at least one year experience.

    casi: I think it is going to take many new grads (Associate, BSN, or MSN) several months to get a job here.

    Jessica Drenning
  7. by   Gato308
    Thank you for the feedback and insight to your situation.
    Do you feel the Metro ELMSN program prepared you enough to begin working at the end of the program?
    I'll send you a friend link to try and get in touch.

    Thanks again for your thoughts!!
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