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MN Program Interviews - page 5

Hi Everyone, I have my interview for the MN program at the U of M later this week. I was looking for some advice on preparing for it from anyone who may have been accepted into the program in the... Read More

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    Media Com. from Bethel. I did my internship in Hollywood. I also took a lot of art and design classes.
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    Anyone antsy enough to call and inquire yet? I wonder if they'll email us or send it via snail mail.
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    They specifically said they'd tell us by email this week. Maybe that email didn't get to you? You might want to make sure you're able to get emails from Jamie Gearhart <siska001@UMN.EDU>. That's who seems to be the one that updates us. She's the program coordinator I think.

    [My bad, she said we'd be notified this week in that email. But on the website or in some other material they specifically say it will be by email.]
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    But who knows? I guess it wouldn't surprise me if it came in the snail mail.
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    Yeah, I did get the email but it said "we hope to send out notifications about interviews the week of February 22" which is still non-committal and doesn't specify how they'll contact us. Although all of the previous communication has been via email, it seems a little tacky to email a rejection letter.
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    Dang, I missed that info on the website. I was hoping for snail mail, that way could stop compulsively checking my email.
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    Yes, it does seem tacky to email a rejection letter. That's another reason it would be better to get accepted. We could avoid being entangled in the tacky-factor. )
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    And me too! I'm sitting on the couch flipping through note-cards for today's exam and every time my computer dings I MUST walk across the room to check.
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    What classes are you taking? I'm currently studying for my pathology exam next week
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    Taking Patho at the U (today's exam) and stats for medical professionals at BSU.
    Besides that I'm just editing pictures, making photo-books, following up with brides, and hangin with my kids.
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    I couldn't help myself any longer. I called the U and the woman who answered said she believed they were going to email notifications either today or tomorrow. And here I though I was safe for another day seeing as the mailman already came and went.
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    Well here we are again. . .still waiting. I bet they're going to wait until like 3:59pm to hit send.
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    How did it go?! I am so so so shocked and excited; I got an interview!

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