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Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other... Read More

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    @MissRN2013 I called them today, they are eliminating all the ppl who do not meet the basic requirements, and the reviewing process starts on the 28th of Jan.
    Two reasons I was rejected: 1) International student, they don't sponsor work permit; 2) I'm a LPN, I can't practice with my licence, has to be a student without a licence, and pratice under their preceptor's licence.
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    @cathning I'm sorry to hear that Keep your head up!! Thank you for the information about starting the reviewing process on the 28th.
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    I applied to the Mayo Clinic for 2013's Summer III Externship. Under job status submission my application status states "Application in Review". I feel like that is not a good thing, according to people's comments from last year. Does anybody know if this status can change from "Application in Review" to "Interview"?
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    Do you know if they are eliminating based on GPA as well? Is there a cut-off GPA that you know of?
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    I'm not aware of a cut off GPA--from reading about the past years, it looks like they take very high GPAs though. As for your other question, I'm pretty sure everyone's application says "application in review"! That just means they're looking over everyone's applications before making a decision.
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    Thanks I wish you the best of luck! And it would be amazing to get in, but I'm not counting on it based on the competitive nature of the program. My GPA is a 3.74, which seems on the lower spectrum of what they accept. All I can do is hope for the best expect the worse. But regardless of if we get into this program or not, there are MANY other summer externship opportunities. We will all be fine one way or another
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    My status changed to "Application in Review" today so based on last year, I'm guessing I got denied. ****.
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    Everyone's status starts in review....if you're accepted it later changes to interview..that's my understanding :-) Don't panic!! :-)
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    Has anyone heard from mayo yet? I am so impatient!
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    Not yet! I'm so anxious to find out and move on if I didn't get a spot (but I'm really hoping I did!). Good luck, everyone!
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    not yettt. but i got so nervous and started rereading my essays and resume..and i found that i spelled something obviously wrong..hopefully they won't notice it..or it's not a big deal. does any one know for sure when we'll find out?
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    Has anyone's application status changed?
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    Mine still says Application in Review. Praying it changes to Interview soon!

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