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Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other internship/externship apps. I hopeful I get... Read More

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    I have family in Chicago as well--so funny!

    I'm so anxious to hear back from Mayo! I will seriously take any spot they offer me! This is my dream program.
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    @meghansn I definitely agree! Any position will be amazing! I also like that they supply housing. I applied for other programs but no housing is provided, which might be difficult! Do you know anything about living in the town homes at Mayo?
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    @zeeconn I agree--it's great that they provide housing! I only know what they've posted on their website about housing, but it sounds so convenient!
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    @zeeconn and megansn
    WHEN ( )we all get accepted, we need to meet up because we have way to much in common!! I will take any position as well!! It will be a great experience no matter what area we can get into!
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    @MissRN2013 @meghansn definitely! And I like your positive thinking!
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    haha why thank you! Gotta stay positive!! We have to stay positive! Whether we get accepted or not, life goes on and we will have many other opportunities in the future!
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    @MissRN2013 So true! And for sure something to keep in mind! We are all great students, so we need to remember that and be proud of ourselves no matter what!
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    I could not have said it better myself!
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    @MissRN2013 I totally appreciate your positivity! I've been trying to stay positive too. You, @zeeconn, and I definitely need to meet up if we are all accepted (which we will be! ).

    As to your earlier question, I go to ASU--how about you?
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    lol I'm at U of A :P

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