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Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other... Read More

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    I'm applying for two in Iowa, one in Missouri, one in Texas. Those are the 4 that are due soon (as in before we'd hear back from Mayo). I feel like the only clinical instructor I've had so far is going to hate me for all the reference requests I'll be sending her within the next week.
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    Goodluck to everyone who is waiting anxiously and to everyone who is submitting their applications today! Cannot wait to hear from Mayo!!
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    Yeah - I had e-mailed LaTasha at Mayo and she didn't tell me how many apps they usually expect, but she said they will accept a little over 100, which is still a LOT in my opinion, but such a big pool of applicants to choose from! I know last year they found out like January 28th! So hopefully that will be true for us as well. But I know the website said for sure by the end of February, so we could be waiting awhile to hear back.

    I'm also applying to other externships, in Michigan and out of state (like Mayo) as well. Good luck to everyone finishing up applications this month and anxiously awaiting (fingers crossed!) acceptance letters!!
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    Well it looks like yesterday was the last day for applications!! Time is getting closer to see if we were accepted!!
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    Called LaTasha, she said they are expecting 700 apps this year
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    Did she mention anything else?
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    She also said absolutely no need for cover letter
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    Did she mention when they will start reviewing the applications?
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    It started already I think. I got their rejection email today."Although we were impressed with your background and experience, we have decided to pursue other candidates who more closely fit the needs of the department at this time."
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    @cathning Wow already?! You should call them! Does your application status show that its in review? When did you apply?
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    I also received an email from Mayo yesterday. Mine said my application is complete and being reviewed and that I'd hear in February if I've been selected. I suppose it's nice that they are letting you know right away if you have a chance or not. Guess I'm still in the running... Check your inboxes and good luck!
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    I received a "noreply" email shortly after I submitted my application that says--

    Thank you for expressing interest in the Summer III Nursing Program at Mayo Clinic.

    Your application has been received and is being reviewed. You will be notified in January if you have been selected for the program.

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    I submitted the application on the last day, the 15th, I called her on the 14th and asked her some last min questions. She said the application would be closed on the 15th, midnight. Anyway, I spent quite some time on the essays, kinda depressing to find out just a day later that I didn't get in. Good luck to other applicants!
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