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Job Openings in South sub of the cities

  1. 0 Good evening,
    My family and I are relocating to the Apple Valley area. My husband has taken a job in Eagan and is already there while we will be moving up hopefully (if the offer we put in on a house is accepted) at the end of April.
    I have almost 2 years experience in labor/delivery/postpartum and about a years experience as a sub-school nurse. I am looking for a position in the Apple Valley area and looking for some input from nurses up there as to where would be a good place to go. I am needing to secure a job fairly quickly and would be willing to start mid-may. I dont mind working nights (days would of course be better)
    I am open for trying other area's of nursing as well.
    I have my BSN and working on my masters in nursing education. Teaching would be wonderful also. Also, I have already had my nursing license transfered to Minnesota!
    Thanks for all of your input and help!
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    The closest hospital would be Fairview Ridges in Burnsville.