How much can a new grad expect to make in MN?

  1. I'm in my very first semester of nursing school and this is something me and my classmates have been talking about a lot lately. We are in a program for a bachelors degree, in a pretty populated area in Minnesota. Some people say nurses make a lot of money and others say they don't. Now no matter what I want this for my career - but I am curious, how much do RNs REALLY make? Otherwise if you don't know about the MN area, what is your opinion about a nurse's salary?
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  3. by   Nurse Kyles
    It depends on your location. It also depends if the facility is union or non-union. I am not sure if all places are union in MN or not. I checked in to some wages when I was considering relocating from WI to Duluth earlier this year. It was a union hospital & the minimum pay was $29ish. I would imagine you would start out $25+ in a hospital & maybe less in a nursing home.

    It is probably best to just check out the places you would interested in working. Most facilities are pretty forth coming about their new grad wages. Sometimes they are listed on the website in the job description. Otherwise you can just call the HR department and ask.
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    From the metro hospitals I've worked at, the contracts are for about $28-29/hr, usually about $0.50-1.00 more per hour for a BSN. At a clinic, you will probably make $22-26/hr. Less than both of those usually for LTC.
  6. by   mom2cka
    In St. Cloud, a new grad with a BSN starts at $29.78 - we get annual merit (performance) increases and another bump (or at least, have in the past) to keep pace with the Cities. I've been very happy with the annual increases. Good luck!