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    I'm surprised at how few CNA jobs there are seeing that it is a high turnover position. I've applied to 11 places - nursing homes, home health, assisted living, and hospitals and no one has caught the bait, even ones that are hiring. I am CNA certified, CPR/BLS certified, nursing student (second degree), hospital volunteer, and have excellent customer service experience and a good work history. Hoping someone will call me back soon, but the only thing I've gotten so far is if I'd like to work "on call" which I don't solely want to do. My CNA instructor even said most of the last CNA class are just volunteering because of lack of jobs.

    I think I'll try following up with these places, hoping something works out soon, because I'm in need of an income ASAP

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    Put an application in at the VA. There have been a few hirings happening of late.
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    I just got hired at Presbyterian homes, only part-time though because I have another job. Good luck.
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    Quote from HM2VikingRN
    Put an application in at the VA. There have been a few hirings happening of late.

    Just curious, do you need experience to work at the VA.?
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    I'm going to sound crazy, but myself and a couple of other new nurses have had some job hunting luck with CraigsList.

    Sounds crazy I know, but they have tons of CNA, HHA, and PCA jobs listed.
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    I got a job! It's at an assisted living facility. I'm really looking forward to it
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