Attention everyone interested in Mankato's ABSN

  1. 0 Mankato will not be admitting for Fall 2010 for ABSN:

    Due to budgetary constraints, the School of Nursing has decided that students will not be admitted to the Accelerated Nursing Program in Fall 2010. The School of Nursing hopes to admit students in Fall 2011, but that decision will depend upon the state of the budget at that time. We know that this action is disappointing to many of you who are interested in our program. We will continue to admit students to the Basic Nursing Program in both Fall and Spring semesters. So application to that program could certainly be an option if you are interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Julia Hebenstreit, Accelerated Nursing Program Coordinator at
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    I am a graduate of that option. If you are accepted for the basic option I would take the slot. Overall it is a good program.

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