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Anywhere hiring CNAs?

  1. 0 Hi Everyone!
    Do any of you know anywhere that's hiring CNAs right now? I've looked quite a bit and haven't found much. I would prefer hospital work, but I know that's harder to come by. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!!
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    If you don't mind working psych. Check the State of MN website:
    Choose Job Category "Health Care and Human Services"
    The job title you're looking for is "Human Service Technician." I'd looked at the site last week for someone else and there were a few openings. Work is easy, pay and benefits pretty good.
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    Thanks for the tip! I'm also hoping to start working as a CNA, and this is a great resource.
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    I agree, thanks a lot!
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    You may want to find SNF in the area you would like to work by checking the phone book and just going to put in applications. Alot of times there may be openings or such not yet advertised. It's alot of footwork, but it may turn up something.
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    If you're near St. Cloud, our hospital is hiring for a few positions - they're listed as PCAs, though, not CNAs. Good luck!

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