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I am debating on applying to Baker Nursing program. I have a 4.0 and 82% on the Kaplan. However, before I sink in any more money I started looking into their program. When I actually started some... Read More

  1. by   roser13
    Quote from trisha21
    ?....I know accredidation might seem to you very important, but speaking from a business owner perspective, I don't look to see if my nurses schools are accrediated, I look to see that they know their stuff.
    I don't understand - surely you care if "your" nurses are NCLEX-licensed? no one sits for the NCLEX without graduating from an accredited nursing school.
  2. by   lovestitch
    Did you ever find another program in michigan Im attending baker clinton township and have the same problem. When I regestered I was told by the staff they are accredited but later find out that they are not and they are in the process of getting accredation if having accredation is not important why not be honest about it.
  3. by   Ella26
    why is this under the Minnesota forum?
  4. by   MichiganRN13
    I realize that many of these posts are pretty old but I felt like I had to respond to some of the information being said on here. I just graduated from the nursing program from Baker in Owosso and it is fully accredited by the MBON and NLNAC. It is a private college so the tuition is more expensive but there is no scheme to it. Of course like any school it has pros/cons. The NCLEX pass rate is very high, generally 98-100% for first time test takers at least at my campus. I believe graduates from this program have as good a chance of employment as any other graduate from any other ADN program.
  5. by   Raneypa
    I know this is old, but I felt I had to say something! I graduated from Baker college of Clinton township in 2010. It's a hard program with a lot of work and you only have 5 10 week periods to do it all. Some people don't make it because it's HARD! My instructors were and still are incredible teachers. They hold you to a higher standard than many schools, 84% in all classes or you don't move on. I was employed at St. John before I even graduated as a nurse tech. Worked there in the ED STRAIGHT AFTER GRADUATION as a GN/RN and now work at U of M, with an associates from Baker. My class was 25 people all passing NCLEX first try with most of us only having the 75 questions. It was well worth it for me. I also worked full time while in school as a waitress then Nurse tech. All of my classmates are working at well known health systems (Henry ford, Beaumont, St. John). I hope you got in and got it done wherever you went!
  6. by   blue_eyed_mommy
    I also graduated from Baker-Flint in 2012. I immediately starting working in an ICU and have been employed there for almost two years. I will finish my BSN from Baker as well, which is national accredited. I do not know of anyone in my graduating class who is not employed an as RN. We started with 42 students and graduated 35. We had 5 students fall back to the class below us. All of those students graduated and passed their NCLEX. Out of our 35 only 2 had to re-take their boards and the faculty at Baker helped prep them for the retake.

    I am applying for various Master's level classes and have not had any issues with my education or the preparation for my job as a RN.