Any LPNs out there working at a golden living?

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    I'm interested in working for one when I graduate can anyone give me any info on staffing ratios, rate of pay, and any other useful info for me?

    Thanks everyone!

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    I am an RN and did orientation at Golden Living. It was a terrible experience. I think other LTC facilities would be better to work for. I am not sure about the pay.
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    Quote from chuchie
    I'm interested in working for one when I graduate can anyone give me any info on staffing ratios, rate of pay, and any other useful info for me?

    Thanks everyone!
    It depends on which GL facility you work at.

    Terrible health care premiums, BTW.
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    I work at a Golden Living Facility. Can't say that I completely HATE it, but I don't care for it much. I know there is better out there, I have been offered jobs at better. The only thing that really keeps me where I am at is the shift I work. I am one of two LPN's that follow eachother on a 12 hour shift. This keeps daycare costs down and I get more days off to spend with my family. I like my residents but hate the facility's chaos and unorganized operation. I have worked there since I was newly graduated (6mos ago) and have repeatedly asked for a policy manual and never recieved one. I have also recently started working with the FOURTH DON in the facility in this time, I have no nurse manager for my unit which is a 29 bed med-surg rehab unit. We do sometimes triple documentation because there is no organization throughout the facility and I can't tell you how badly the staff turns over!!! The pay is decent I guess considering-- as a new grad I make 16+ an hour but I truly understand now why they gave me a 2000 sign on bonus to stay for a year!! I dont know that every Golden Living facility runs like mine, maybe it doesn't--but I would do some investigating first--ask LOTS of questions, ask for references from current staff---these are truly things I wish I had done. Hope that helps!!!
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    I agree that it probably depends on which facility you work for but i also agree the orientation was unorganized, the DON changed hands twice in the less than six months I was there. The resident care was excellent but the facility organization needed work. Good luck to you in your search Dependent on where you live I would recommend an ecumen facility they are well organized and I work for one and love my job
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    What is an ecumen facility?

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    ecumen is an organization of senior living facilities ranging from independent living to long term care there are several facilities throughout the state. if you want to learn more or see what opportunities are available then check out

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    I heard that all of the facilities in Arkansas are being sold. I am planning on moving to Arkansas soon and have worked in LTC for years. I am thinking about applying at GLC, but would like to know what company is going to buy them. Does anyone know who is buying them?
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    This is SO old I know, but anyone currently work there?

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